Ching Ming Festival | Betong | Yala | Thailand | Day 2 ❤️

Day 2 in Betong.

Big day today! As everyone will be heading to the cemetery to pray to their ancestors and after that there will be massive feast ( it is as big as Chinese reunion dinner 😆)

We woke up at 4:00 am to get ready for our own Dim Sum breakfast before the pick up at 5:30 am. My friend’s uncle and his wife will be picking us up at the Dim Sum place near Betong Clock Tower once we are done with our breakfast..

We walked from Garden View Betong Hotel passed by Betong Municipal Cultural Center (ลานวัฒนธรรม) where the Annual Betong Good Food Festival 2017 is being held, then down the Betong Mongkollit Tunnel towards the market and voila! the famous Betong Clock Tower 🎉 From there, as we made our way down…along the road, there are tons of Dim Sum stores and majority of the stores are FULL HOUSE!

Apparently you have to get up really early let say, maybe about 5:00 or 6:00 am to enjoy the freshest and less crowded Dim Sum Breakfast in Betong. My friends also said that Betong will be quite happening during Chinese New Year and Ching Ming Festival because everyone reunites for family occasions.

So many things to pick up in the market, steamed chicken, Chinese bao zi, and kweh before we head off to praying. It was quite a scene at the Dim Sum stall, the market was buzzling with people getting their goods, the long queue at Betong’s most famous Pad Thai stall in the market, the stall has been Betong’s around since 1952 (if I remember correctly – pardon me if I got it wrong) Apparently the owner passed on his family recipes to his son to continued his legacy

See on the last one, pinky and orangey – these are Kweh or we called it Ang  Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake) Traditional Chinese Cake. I love it! and I remembered how my late grandmother taught me how to make when we had to prepare for the Ching Ming Festival at home back in Singapore. Betong basically brought back my childhood memories and beautiful traditions passed on from my late grandmother…at that moment I felt a wave of gratitude blowing in my face 🙂
Not sure what we were gonna get as it felt so foreign to me – Pun intended! I was just overwhelmed and too excited with such a massive range of feast to choose from and they all looking super delish!

The famous Betong Clock Tower and the swallows are hanging on the wire cables waiting for the sunrise. Legend has it that if the swallows’ poop falls on you, you are destined to return to Betong again 🙂 Well I’m not sure about that one but I got one on my head that morning as I was walking around taking pictures of them birds and film a short video whilst waiting for our breakfast to be served.

Voila! this is just our quick breakfast as we were in a hurry and don’t want to be late for the praying…

The Dim Yum was really yummy, especially Nor Mai Gai (Sticky Rice with Chicken) really brought me back to my childhood when I was in Secondary School as that’s what I often had for my breakfast with warm glass of Milo from the school canteen 🙂

Chee Cheong Fun (Rice noodle) also reminded me of late grandmother who was from Penang and lived all her life in Singapore….I can’t tell how much she loved loved loved Chee Cheong Fun! I always have to get her whenever we go to Sunday Fresh Market for weekly grocery shopping and caught up with my aunts’ family over yummy breakfast.

Youtiao or ปาท่องโก๋(油条) My family all time favourite, it goes so well with any kind of congee. You could also eat with just coffee, condense milk, on its own or even with sugar.


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