Baan A Din | French Restaurant | San Sai Noi | Chiang Mai

I’ve been checking out places around my area in San Sai Noi and San Sai Luang for great food, Sports bar with relaxing atmosphere and just to hangout with  my friends and family. Being back in Chiang Mai again this time, a lot has changed and its all for the better…I  hope.

Ran into my former neighbour who has been living in Chiang Mai for more than 10 years and running his own business called Onyx Furniture. The Onyx project was launched in 2007 with its main purpose is to create furniture designs and promote the use of renewable materials and Eco-friendly techniques. The Onyx Project is using a traditional manufacturing processes using Water Hyacinth and Rattan.

Right, enough on that one…I’m so grateful we ran into each other by chance like this as its been like 10 years since we last saw each other. I have been trying to search for good friends I met during the time I was here as a teen LOL…. 😀

We arranged for dinner to catch up on life and everything at this amazing French Restaurant just 10 minutes from where we live(I still haven’t a clue of where he’s taking me). I was intrigued and very curious about the place we were going as he mentioned that the owner of this restaurant serves up some amazing Goat Cheese and delectable Traditional French Dishes – and Mind you, the Chef is Thai, yet She knew how to whip up amazing Traditional French and Mediterranean dishes!

Baan A Din French Restaurant

We ordered a bottle of Red with Cheese Platter & Caprese Bruschetta. I was surprised to learn that the owner actually made their own Brie. I devoured in my Brie and Yummy Red Wine it was truly delish and mouthgasmic experience! ☺️

   Bruschetta Tomato Mozzarella 

Goat Cheese Platter

We were in for some serious Cheeseness, it was so delightful and delectable. I can sum it up in one word “AWESOME”

I opted for Thai sirloins with Black Pepper Sauce (Pinkish Medium Rare) It was surprisingly amazing! I wanted to find out of the Thai Beef can make great steak, I’ve had bad experience at one of the restaurants around that area before. So I thought of giving it another go at Baan A Din…and I loved it so much (Great Choice!)

Salad on the side, Eggplants + Goat Cheese Lasagne and Mashed Potato

Other delish dishes from Baan A Din you don’t wanna missed.  

Grilled zucchini with ricotta cheese salad.

 Sunshine Salad
(Roasted Eggplant, Zucchini and Bell Peppers in Cold Olive Oil)

22 Bavettes Beef steak with organic shallot red wine sauce

11Bourg Bougignon 

Baan A Din is a family style Bistro, serving traditional French and Mediterranean Cuisine.  The signature is family-like Bistro, the famous Goat Cheese :D,  with fresh and mostly organic products (locally produced). The service is superb and the owners are very friendly and attentive,  what I loved about her is that she’s very caring towards her customers’ satisfaction and always make sure that her customers are happy with the meal. I later learnt that the Chef came from the famous OSKAR BISTRO, Bangkok.

Baan A Din is definitely making dining experience in Sansai area so much more enjoyable and worth a drive-out from the buzzling City of Old Town, Chiang Mai.  

Must Try!

Baan A Din French Restaurant

246/5-6  | Moo 5 | Soi Mu Baan Laguna Home | Sansai Noi Sub-District | San Sai District | Chiang Mai | Thailand | 50210 | 

Tel: +668 1593 9807 


Bon Appétit!



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