Grateful: Perks of being 30 and something :D

It has been quite a whirlwind trip for me for the past year, but I’m sure learned a lot of things over the course and I am truly grateful for every experience that comes into my life.

I was contemplating the thought of writing about perks of being 30 for quite a while but I haven’t got around to seriously do it, well now that I am feeling a little more settled and ready to do so…and here we go!

I have been through quite a lot in my first year of being 30, It has been such a great time with everything that had happened, I couldn’t think of any way to describe such an experience, all I can say is I can’t really believe what’s going on here in such a short period of time. I kind of like that it all happened in my 30 😀 Cheers to being 30++

  1. Career Break (February 2015 – April 2016)

I started my new job with one the biggest IT company on my birthday, 5 months after turned 30, and then I was hospitalised for ovarian cysts ruptured. My gynecologist suggested I take a break and make sure I am fully recovered before I go back to work. Her very last word when I last saw her was

“You only have ONE Life; I am sure you can always find a better job when your body is fully recovered.” 

I am eternally grateful for her advice.  I took 1 whole year off, I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand after my final medical check up and received a  YES! you are free to fly pass from my doctor. The weirdest thing that happened at that point was, I wasn’t having any moment where I  was worried how am I going to survive or live without work for a year? who’s going to help support my mother, or what’s going to happen to the bills here back home if I am there in Thailand…Instead I was so determined to strive for a better life and looking for another path to find peace within myself in Chiang Mai.

Yes!!! I found it.

2. Meditation Course at Wat Rampoeng Tapotharam, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Jun 2015)

I told my mother that I would like to go back to the temple for meditation course once I arrived in Chiang Mai. I did went in to the temple for 5 days 4 nights meditation course. I have learned a lot this time around and I must say that I have so many masters and amazing people to be thankful for during my stay there. I have become more conscious about my own feelings, thoughts and actions. There’s a website and mindfulness books that I’ve read to prepare myself before I went in for my meditation course one of the books called “The life compass” by DDNard Na Patthalung, a Thai author of the best selling “The life compass” and “The compass of now”. She is also a well-known life coach and hypnotherapist in Thailand.

I  have been listening to her audios, watched her videos and read her book. I was really hooked on mindfulness, so I went on to do more research on it. I have tested some theories on my own and they worked pretty well for me!

A wise person shared with me this quote about being mindful of your own reactions;

“You are always in control of your own reaction, How others behave has nothing to do with you”

After my meditation course, I spent 5 months in Thailand; shuttling back and forth between, my mum’s hometown on the countryside in Lampang and the city life in Chiang Mai. I had an amazing time there and it was not what I would have expected to learn out of those 5 months.

3. 5 Months in Thailand (Sep 2015  – Feb 2016: Chiang Mai – Lamgpang – Chiang Mai: Meditation, Yoga, Focused on Family, Being there for them)

The funny bit would be; I have gained and lost so many people in my life along my path to becoming who I am today but I sure glad I did.

“You never lose friends, you just discover who your real friends are”

I spent 5 Months in Thailand, I have got friends coming over to visit, and travelling together as if like they are taking turn in coming to visit me and staying over with  my at my house :P. I am glad they did though because before that I had what I called my moment post meditation course, I set up my morning routine where I ‘d wake up early in the morning and do meditation for 10 minutes then followed by 45 –  60 minutes of yoga. I even wrote positive affirmations on my white board where I can see every morning when I wake up. After 2 weeks into my routine, I felt really amazing, recharged and ready to wake up and get on with life :D.

My friend came to see me in October 2015  for 13 days, with her 73 years old mum, who is so amazing at walking and she loved travelling with us. We went on a road trip where I’d drive them to my grandparents house (2 hours away from Chiang Mai), changed to truck for our next destination. Next day we headed off to Chiang Rai, Mae Sai and Tha Chi Lek, Myanmar. We had a blast and it was really such a brilliant trip. Rounded off the whole trip with Don Sai, Laos and back to my grandparents. It was really exhausted but we had a great time as we went to visit all the “Must Visit” or highlight of each province.

Then came my friends from Bangkok, we went up to Mon Chaem, Chiang Mai, camping on 5th – 6th December. It was epic and seriously cold up there. It was a great experience for all of us!

Then came my mother and her friends, they all came to visit, then again road trip – of course I was the tour guide for them all 😀 We had a blast  of course as it was a Merit Making trip for my family before headed back to Singapore for Chinese New Year 🙂

I have been there for my grandparents and great grandmother who is about a 100 year old, in time of crisis and happy occasions. I am so happy that I got a chance to fulfilled my duty as the eldest grand daughter and on behalf of my mother. I am happy that my mum is proud of me and that she saw that I actually made our house so beautiful and vibrant!

Surprisingly, it may seemed so hectic schedules with guests coming over and travelling nonstop but I managed to stay calmed and everything went so well…smooth operation. Thanks to everyone for their kind cooperation and great teamwork! They have been very understanding and helpful. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!

4. Mindfulness.

I used to let small little things upset me and got me down so easily, however since I went through a lot for the past year and as I aged 🙂 I learned to be still and just let small things slide instead of letting it ruins my mood like when I was younger.

I have been practicing Daily Gratitude and I must say that, this is seriously addictive – in a good way! If we can always trick our mind to believe in what we see in our current life situation, I’m sure we can also trick our mind into seeing the silver lining in all kind of situations.

I have become less hot-headed, and less temperamental. I feel a hell lot more confident in my own body, skin and how I look. More importantly, I am more in touch with my own feeling and soul these days. The other day I was thinking to myself “why the hell did I not know about all of these when I was in my 20s? why now?!!” .

I have learned to let go of harmful thoughts, autopilot feelings and learned to set up a fence for my mind, I learned to make sure my mind stays in one place and with me. I learned that meditation is actually what I love doing together with yoga.

I used to be a heavy drinker, hardcore party-goer and letting peer pressure ruled me.

I discovered that when someone is upset with you for certain things that you failed to achieve is not because of you, its because of their own hangups. For example: A mother who has always been very pushy with her child’s education. She’s being pushy because she has her child’s best interest at heart but at the same time it is also partly because, she wishes she could have got a chance to study back then when she was young but she didn’t. She wants her child to live her dream.

I have stopped trying to let others’ dream of becoming what they want to be affecting me and my daily life. I learned to accept that we are all imperfectly perfect in our own ways.I have learned that everything can changed even in a split second.

I have learned to accept that life is beautiful if you choose to see it with a beautiful lenses, and handle everything that comes to you with graceful heart.

Your heart and your head must work together in order for your body to be able to function properly and produce the best results in everyday.

I have learned that my new found confident in being 30 is so fearlessly attractive.

I  have also learned that I love being in my 30 don’t give a flying laser of the negative thoughts or words of what others say about being in my 30 and still single. I love being Single & Happy.

At Last I am grateful that I am such a Good old nutcase and nightmare to so many people who adored me to bit and never stop being there for me. Thank you for walking this mile with me and thank you for being part of my life. You guys have been so great to me!

Thank you Rhonda Byrne and the Secret Team for making my journey/in quest for mindfulness a lot easier and thank you for the secret scroll for always sending out positive vibes and awesome wisdom to remind me to keep on going with positive mind, positive vibe and positive life!


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