Drink: Mao Coffee | Chiangmai | Thailand

My neighbour in Chiangmai she took me out on a day tour around town with her son, I used to babysit her son when he was 3 months old and I was really excited to get to spend time with him now that he has grown up and becoming a handsome young lad! 

Pang took me to Mao coffee on Suthep road, around the Cholapratarn road out of town near Nimmanhemind area. This place looks like out of no where because it’s just next to the main road but I was really surprised to walk into a crowd of people, family hanging out and bunch of teenagers taking selfies. Mao coffee is facing Doi Suthep mountain and it somehow seems to be peaceful when we were inside, all that noisy cars on the road just seem to disappeared.

The name of the place called “Mao coffee” in Thai เมากาแฟ. Mao in Thai basically means Drunk so there’s some sort of word play going on in there that create the gimmick and make this place special. If you put it together it will be “drunk coffee” or “drunk on coffee”. 

Basically it is Irish coffee minus the whip cream lol! Okay let’s get started at mixing coffee and liquor.



Honestly I must admit, crepe cake was yummy not too dry and the cream fresh just awesome lol!


There you will see Pang, my friend is mixing the drink; strong espresso coffee mixed with liquor, and milk. Chuck them all in and stir it, sip on it and feel the strong rush hitting on your system now! 😁🎉



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