Eat: Dinner with the Bunzl

I had amazing dinner with the Bunzl family, I adored them so much and this family have taught me so much and I respect them so much like my own parents.

Me and the gang gathered at the Bunzl around 8:30 pm, Nit and Farng went out to get some booze where as for me I didn’t touch a single drop that night – after spent a good amount of time doing retreat I just want to stay in that happy booze free zone for a wee bit, but I definitely had a chow down moment where I didn’t have much time to talk to anyone but watching the news and listening to them all talk.

It was a great dinner and I missed them so much.


I am so blessed to have you all in my life may all the wonder spirit and forces and God be with you and Bless your family and loved ones.

Love you dolls! see you all again when I’m in town xoxo


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