Eat | Chillax | Drink | Pool 

Started my 3rd day in Chiang Mai of with meeting my girl friends for Brunch, Miranda came pick us girls up at Nits. We then drove from Chiang Mai Gate to the gas station and off we go to our first destination; Gohanya!!

EAT: Lunch at Gohanya Moonmuang Soi 9

OMG! We didn’t have any carbs in our system, purely sashimi, raw fishes and deep fried gyoza Yaoza! My favourite dish and you won’t believe it that I actually had Tom Yum Ramen on my own like massive huge arse bowl!

After our much satisfied lunch, we were talking about going to chillax by the pool somewhere in town, doesn’t have to be anything expensive but just relaxing by the pool, swim and sip some bubbly. So we decided to continue our adventure at Good Morning Chiangmai, but before that we all had to go straight to  Warorot Market to hunt for our last minute Bikinis!

Bikinis – checked, towels – checked, money – checked and of course bring our fabulous “fat free” body to the pool, it is such a lovely day to stay out and sip some bubbly by the pool with the girls! 😀

Voila! We were so tipsy by 7 pm and we got home by 9:30 pm, how unusual for us all! But before we went home, we stopped by at Loco Elvis for some Fajitas Dinner, it was seriously the big fat day free and I think it is acceptable!

I will be in the temple on 31 May (Big Buddhist Lent day), which is tomorrow, I’m really surprised that I could wake up at 5.30 am and got my cousin picked me up and sent me to the temple for my retreat  😀

Love you dolls, see you when I get out of the retreat xoxo


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