Travel: Retreat Trip | Chiangmai | Thailand

Touched down in Chiangmai, my nana, aunts and godmother were actually anxiously waiting for me outside the arrival hall. They couldn’t recognised me as I chopped my mane and gave myself a bob haircut. 

We drove to my home and straight into the lunch khuntoke my nana prepared for me. I was so greedy omg! I think if I could I probably swallow the whole things in lol! I’m joking!

After settling in both physical & emotional, went out run some errands and get groceries shopping for my nana. It was fun and I’m very blessed to have them here and we got to spend sometimes together bonding.

By the time we got home, it was dinner time, so I decided to take my clan out to dinner at some local restaurant deep inside the village and guess what I’m so pleased to say this that they are loving it so much!

Of course after dinner, I convinced my aunts to come out for a chillax session with me and my bestie at Metal Bridge(Saphan Lhek) the bar set next to Ping River with light music playing and candle light, it was the most romantic place to chill lol! 

I’m gonna enjoy myself for a wee bit before I totally cut myself off from everything for 5 days 4 nights in the temple for my retreat as I intended to do this trip.


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