Happy Lunar New Year: Welcome to the Goat Year 2015!

Lunar New Year Day 1: Reunion Day & Loh Hei

Despite being so sick with my tummy ache and that I felt like crap, that’s the more of reason I have to dress up so well to join in the family reunion dinner and Loh Hei at aunt’s place!

Lunar New Year Day 2: House Visiting in East Coast

I must say, Chinese New Year this year I am not really in a mood to go out for shopping or anything at all. In fact I am proud to say that I recycled my wardrobe from 2013 and 2014. Good thing is I saved a lot for the red packets and I get to splurge on my own healthcare!

Lunar New Year Day 3: House Visiting in Upper Serangoon 

House Visiting and giving out oranges to the Host, also give red packet to the kids 😛

I hope everyone had a fantastic time with family and loved ones!  恭喜发财 万事如意 年年有鱼 身体健康

I was out of commission and fell really ill after – physically exhausted but I am happy! I am so blessed to have such a lovely family and friends in this very special occasion 🙂

Love & Light x

Happy Lunar New Year 2015!


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