Eat: Spaghetti Bacon & Dried Chilli 

Right, to satisfied my own craving I decided to make myself a simple yet delish lunch!


  1. Bacon                                       6 Slices
  2. Dried Chili                                4-5 pcs
  3. Garlic                                        A handful (I used Thai garlic which has smaller cloves and gave better aroma)
  4. Champignon Mushroom        6 pcs. finely chopped
  5. Spaghetti                                  Depends, really on how many serving you are aiming
  6. Olive Oil                                    1 tablespoon
  7. Salt & Light Soya Sauce         Depending on your personal preference (less salty or more salty)
  8. Spring onions                           Finely chopped
  9. Thai Sweet Basil                      If you wanna add a twist of Asian taste into it just whack it in!

I soaked my dried chili in hot water for about 2-3 minutes; this to help make it softer for stir fried, however it is also good to get rid of the dust and some other stuff just in case you know.

Thank my Aunt for having 2 types of garlic for me to choose from; Big Clove Chinese Garlic and Tiny Thai Garlic. Why I chose the Thai Garlic instead of the Big Clove Chinese Garlic. This is because Thai garlic gives stronger aroma and taste mega yummy (in a good way because for me I am a big fan of garlic!)

If you have Thai Sweet Basil that would be superb but if you don’t that’s fine, I added Champignon mushroom instead of Thai Sweet Basil cos I cannot find any of it here at Giant…Maybe next time.

Whacked my lovely Bacon in the hot pan, and spread them all out and let it sit there for a bit before you stir or turn them, I then add Garlic. I know this sounds weird because you should first starts with garlic rather than bacon. I tried to avoid using oil on this dish hence I fried ’em bacon first.

Once the bacon is good to go off the pan, I then threw in garlic and guess what the smell that gave out was unbelievable!

Garlic turn golden brown, its smell lovely, add dried chili…stir fried them together for a bit and let it sit there until you can smell a little spice in it. then add champignon mushroom.Throw in Bacon, and spaghetti and stir fried  them all together, add a tablespoon of olive oil if you feel its a little too dry, and a light soya sauce and sprinkling fine salt over.

Finally; add the Thai sweet basil and let it simmer.

Voila! Ready to Serve!

I  had my stir fried Spaghetti Bacon & Dried Chili with Vintage Gouda Cheese and White Bread, Gosh I was so famished!

Top it off with my favourite Tomato juice (nothing beats Virgin Mary at this point of time…Much Needed!)

Right…Have a Fantastic one!

Love & Light!



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