Saturday: Day Tour Singapore

Saturday comes too soon!

Decided to make this Saturday a good day, by going to take my cousin in-law out to Thai Temple at Bedok Walk, Wat Palelai to make a merit. We both really like making merit or doing any good deeds so off we go to East Side of Singapore. It felt so good after having done good deeds. at Bedok Walk,


Off to Golden Mile Complex – Thai Town at Beach Road, had an amazeball Som Tum! my mouth was on fire! it was yummy yet it was truly spicy! there’s something about spicy Som Tum, it is fire burning yet you can’t seem to stop choving it in!




Once we satisfied our craving, we headed off to do some scenic tour, walked along Singapore River, Old Art House and Parliament, From Boat Quay to Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, took load of pictures and had an amazing time just chilling and talking really. Honestly it was some kind of girlie hanging out that I like.



Made a Pitstop at Le Bouchon Rive Gauche for a little bit of bubbly and unwind after a long walk and taking pictures. It was kind of peaceful and yet lively with all the city lights around us. We had a nice chat and lovely dinner there. watch out for free flow fries as they really make good fries ;)!!!!!


Basically it was like a day tour to Watpalelai, Golden Mile Complex (Thai Town), Boat Quay & Clarke Quay. It was quite a productive day!

Hope everyone had a good weekend wherever you are xxxx and a Brilliant start of a new week!

God Bless!


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