Hair+ on Scott Road, Orchard, Singapore

My very first time at Korean Hair Salon and I was on time for my appointment at 3:30 pm, today 🙂 I’m feeling ecstatic…really 😉


Greeted by who I believe to be lady boss of Hair+ and my hair dresser; Gloria & Lisa, They are both really lovely I must say (I was well excited!). Requested for a quick time out as I’m feeling really peckish so went out to get puff & pie and evian for my lunch (didn’t have enough time for lunch today) they were kind enough but must be weird to have a customer bringing food in here lol!

Feel totally comfortable and kinda like it in here. They served hot green tea, magazine and put on silky orange robe to protect your clothes for you too, kinda nice feeling to be out and pamper myself once in a while that’s for sure.

Me in the Orange gown with box of Han’s 😉

I’m gonna do Korean perm with rebondding setting. My hair is so damaged and thin nowadays I feel so sorry for the girls for having to get their hands on my damaged hair lol. I knew that my hair is very damaged hence I come for treatment and get it sorted right before 2015….

Definitely I’m mega excited for my new hairstyle and new perm!

However, There are 3 things I noticed about hair salon…

1. You’ve agreed to the price and the treatment but after one look at your hair they will try their best to up-sell, the treatment. Pretty standard I know

But before that lets look at point no. 2

2. The staff will tell you how horrible your hair condition is when in reality it’s common sense that we come to hair salon to look good and feel good, leaving salon with beautiful hair.

If we do not already know the condition of our hair why would we need your service for? Right? Some people may not know their own hair condition or some just choose to ignore it. Point is we come to you for our hair rescue not for your to condemn the state of our hair.

It’s true that honesty is the best policy but still it’s nice to be a little tactful with choice of words.


3. Grapevines

Just roll your sleeves and get the bloody job done will ya? But it’s kinda normal for human beings for having a need to gossip or complain or talk about others lol. Especially in salon.

I do feel for hair dressers who have to deal with bad hair customers and able to keep their unpleasant comment to themselves. Very professional. Because they understand that the customer paid them for their profession, to make them look good and neatly trimmed hair to walk out of salon feeling great 😉 constructive criticism of course more than welcome but those kind of up sell comment – not very nice I would say.






Free and easy a little curls, neat and demure lol! At least that’s how I feel it 😉

Have a great Saturday people x


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