Driving License, Chiang Mai

After been riding motorcycle illegally for years and never really thought of getting the driving license, here I am back in Chiang Mai and this time determined to get it sorted so I can ride the motorcycle LEGALLY. Still, I wondered;

How many of us here are legal driver?
How many of us here are actually drive with good manner?

I had quite rather interesting day at Department of Land Transport Office, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai.

The fees
For motorbike license issuance THB 50
For issuance of Driving license in smart card (ASEAN Driving license) THB 105

I was told to be at the Land Transport Office before 8.00 am to get the queue number so there I was and the office was still shut -_-

9.00 am -ish – The basic test

Eye sights, colour blind and etc….

9.40 am – The training room time.

This is a real torture (for me at least) where you will have to sit your arse down there for FOUR HOURS (Yes! that’s right 4 Hours) and receive all the blessing or tips for your theory test. With the new system – the government have increased the training hour from 2 to 4 hours (hopefully you can drive or control a jet-plane after this training LOL!)

Noon – Lunch Break

1.00 pm – Report back to the training room for more of listening from Guest Speaker.

Interesting, we have guest-speaker! I actually quite like this part because of the Editor – in – Chief from Chiang Mai News, who shared with us his knowledge, personal experience on the road in different part of Thailand and more in a very tongue in cheek style. He was quite a laugh and very very friendly.


At this point of time of the training and as the guest speaker gave me a lot to think about. I got into comparing legal driving license to license or right to be or entitlement for individual.

In life, we have to school to get certified that we are fit to work or be hired, we have to go to certain courses to get certified as a professional at specific area. Without all these papers/certificates we will not be accepted into working in entry level, we will considered as not trustworthy to do the job or be in a professional career.

There’s one thing we all don’t need to be certified, or let alone, anyone to tell you about this. It’s to be Happy, be who you are and do what makes you happy. You have the license to be happy, live life the way you pleased and do whatever makes you happy (but make sure you are not consciously hurting anyone along the line). For example people with legal driving license; that….do not mean they are courteous-conscious and safe driver, some people who do not have driving license can drive way better than those who do. Just saying….


2.30 – 3.45 pm – International Road Signs pre-theory exam (My least favourite speaker again!)

Honestly, This guy just won’t quit! he could go on all day man! but anyway I’m grateful for his somewhat irrelevant topic of discussion and out of line; if it weren’t for him all of us could have done our practical test on the very same day and don’t have to come back on the next day just to do the practical test. Some of us have got work and other prior commitments to attend to, too, you know?

3.50 pm – The moment of truth “Theory Test”

Previous e-exam was 30 questions but from 1 June 2014 onwards, e-exam is now 50 questions and you must get at least 45 questions right in order to pass the exam. However, if you failed your theory test you can still proceed to take your practical test and come back 3 days time to retake your theory test. No biggie!

4.15 pm – Done with Theory test and yes I passed!

I was so determined to get the driving license on that very same day and not intend to come back and spend another day at the Land transport office. It was such a pain in the …. seriously.

If you got all 50 questions right – you will receive tickets to see Lin Ping and Lin Hui the Cutest Pandas in Chiang Mai LOL! That’s very encouraging way to boost the economy and the citizen to get it all right in their exam!

The part where I dislike the most would be

The instructor at the e-exam room, actually extend the invitation for us to give tithe and offering. He announced the Merit-Making from one of the top schools in Chiang Mai. I was a well on way to the pissed-ville and I thought I had murder that fellow in mind. What on earth is that? This is unacceptable act and inappropriate!

4.30 pm – Raced with the time to the Driving Test Area

I got there just a nick of time to do my practical test and yes of course I passed! Hallelujah! I was sooooooo pleased with all the effort I Put in for today and my determination to get this thing sorted. I went back up with the document and pay the fees, take picture and off I go!

Thank God! I got all sorted! I’ll see you again next year for the renewal of 5 years driving license 🙂


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