Valentine’s Day

On this very very special day – I mean everyday is a special day for everyone, how much you love your partner can’t be defined by just Valentine’s day. But come on, truth is we all girls still wanna be treated like a super special lady on this particular day.

It is just like Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, Birthday and of course Valentine’s Day is one of those once a year occasion. Fact is, We all know that everyday in our lives is a SPECIAL DAY, Dude! but that doesn’t stop us from making it extra special right?

Everyday I love you – that’s very cliché line but that doesn’t mean its not true (for some cases). Take the love from Jesus Christ and our parents as a very good living example; unconditional love and undying love. No boyfriend or husband, your parents and God will still love you…that’s for sure man.

Love is all around us, it’s every where – it is something we all live for, though we know that love tags along pain LOL!

There’s another kind of love where some of us may find it quite a challeng; Love & Relationship – boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, love for your pet and etc…. most of us are on a quest in searching for lasting love, blissful marriage, or whatever terms you may wanna name it. But….it is easy to find love & relationship but it will take a lot of real hard work, patient, faith, trust and more to make it work. Rock solid, strong relationships don’t happen over a night…of course everyone knows it. (But not all know how to deal with it when it gets rough)

Take best friend for example; can you say after you just met this dude/dudette over a month and you called him/her your best friend? I don’t think so. Everything takes time, you need to go through thicks and thins, happiness and sorrow, good times and bad times together in order to get to where you guys are today.

I have these 2 fantastic best friends, I met them when I was doing my Bachelor Degree. OMG! Those girls can really rock my world to the core! we had our rough patches, slacking off classes, went on completely mental trip at 4 am drove all the way to the beach for 2 hours in Toyota Yaris with only just right mirror and guess what we had 7 of us in the car and we have been there for each others, spent crazy amount of time together on special occasions. That was then but we have grown stronger, we help each other grow and always support each other regardless of whatever issues we have to face, wherever we are.


I am truly blessed to have them, family and of course God.

Now back to BGR love & relationship. OMG! this definitely giving me a good laugh. I had sort of hiccup with my someone very special from time to time. Well that at least shows that this is a normal relationship. In reality, you’ve got to have some hiccup, happy moment, argument and of course neutral period. If the relationship is always on the same straight line then it would be superficial or rather boring.

At some point I genuinely wanna strangle him & shake him (I mean in endearing way not to hurt him of course) he could be a real pain in the arse, and so am I.
But I love him to bits and I am doing my best on my part despite the distance and our time difference. I know he is doing his best he could too so I am grateful to have him in my life, being with him is like living on somewhere over the rainbow – colourful never be boring.

To celebrate the day of Love. I am so grateful for everyone in my life; my friends, family, my pain in the arse special man, and everything God gave me. To those out there celebrating with the one you love, have a wonderful time!

1. Family Love.


2. Friends Love



3. Love from Partner


4. Love for/from your Pet.


5. Even Love for Junk Food LOL!


6. Even Love for Booze


Happy Valentine’s day people!
Love like there’s no tomorrow, make your loved one feel special everyday because life is too short so cherish each other 🙂

Love & Peace. God Bless!


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