Reiki Healing – Essence of Spirit with Debbie

I know the sound of this post going to be really a little spiritual, not spooky of course. I have to share this amazing news about energy healing or “Reiki” Healing. It is truly amazing and I strongly recommend you give it a try.

I have been thinking about this – We all have 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, we spend at least 6-8 hours for our beauty sleep, 8 hours at work 1 hour lunch break and 1 hour lunch break. Now let see; someday you just travel back home from work..maybe 1 hour, someday you could be going out to meet your mates for quick bites after work or emergency meeting due to one of your friends is in coma about relationship/job/tragic-comedy life line or etc…let say – you spend about 5 hours out maximum. Now you do the Maths 😀

Approximately 600,000 thoughts running in and out of your mind throughout the day (could be more than that if we really sit down and take good note and be aware of our thought)

We all have this process called GARBAGE IN and GARBAGE OUT…Right?

But how many of us really – literally sit down and write out our thoughts after a long day and can seriously defragment out layer by layer. Imagine this – if your brain or body could speak, it probably would be screaming at you “Stop putting too many things in me please please I beg of you!”. There you go… you gotta have a strong Mind in order to build a strong Soul which later on reflect on to your Healthy Body you can then spread such a positive Aura to mankind around you 😀

I have been searching for a way to heal myself from the inside (credited the Chinese Belief: “Everything comes from the Inside” ) Then I went to have a quick chat with my very good friend, “Eve” about what’s been up with me on the inside. At that time Eve was taking this “Reiki Healing” Course, so she shared with me this fantastic news about Reiki Healing, how it helps improving one’s life and later on Eve introduced me to Debbie (Eve’s Reiki Master). I am sucker for this kind of warm, fuzzy,  Ying & Yang, and positive aura energy, so count me in. Turned out I had one Reiki healing session with Eve and to my surprise and the stubborn me – I gotta admit that it was really awesome! Thanks to Eve!

I went back to Eve again when I was about to hit the bottom and I sort of lost touch with my inner-self; basically I’ve been spending too much time on something else but me-self. However I truly am so grateful for Eve and Debbie, for they have shed some lights on me. It’s been a year now and we are still in touch – in fact I just had one healing session with Debbie last weekend 🙂 Bliss-Ville I am in now 😀

Basically last year I had a session with Debbie, and she literally brought the stubborn me out of my nutshell and cracked me open with some helpful tips and delightful healing light; that kindness, love and light just kick me right in my head and brought me back to myself again. Thank you Debbie you have successfully sort that bad girl out!

It is exactly one year now, I must say that Debbie had help me soooo much and I am so grateful for what I am today; I just gotta be less stubborn and wilful and accept the help she offered – then I’m good to go. We had a great catch up after a year, a good improvement and manifestation of positive thoughts/energy. Bloody ‘ell I must say that it was not easy task at the beginning but the moment you got hold of it and apply it daily – Pheeewww!!! All is Well darling!

Reiki Healing by Debbie

What is Reiki and how it helps, where you can take the course, how much does it cost and etc. 

Reiki (霊気) is a powerful hands on healing art that treats the body, mind and spirit by expanding the chakras and aura. It produces many beneficial effects such as relieving stress, releasing  toxins or blockages that have accumulated in the body and restoring a sense of well-being and balance assisting us grow on our spiritual path. Reiki is also a gateway to shining pure unconditional love into the Universe. It allows us to transcend our pain, anger, guilt and remember our true nature.

The word ‘Reiki’ comes from two Japanese words – Rei and Ki, meaning Universal life force energy. It was developed in 1922 in Japan by Mikao Usui, who developed this unique energy transfer therapy to heal the physical, emotional, mental and physical body.  Reiki works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Indeed, many books written such as ‘Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide’ by Pamela Miles, support this “studies that have been done so far have showed promising results for using Reiki to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. The data include objective measures (decreased stress hormones, improved immune indicators, decreased heart rate and improved blood pressure) as well as subjective improvements in anxiety and pain.”

Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality.  The limits to Reiki seem to be in the recipients willingness to cast off old habits and patterns, to accept change and to accept healing.

Why Do we Become Unbalanced?

Page 10 Chakra

As human beings, we consist entirely of pure Energy and it vibrates at a frequency. We encompass body, mind and spirit and each vibrates at a different level of frequency so our thoughts, emotions, and physical conditions create vibrations. Positive feelings of joy and gratitude vibrate at high frequencies and inspire health and optimism so negative feelings produce the opposite affect. Our frequency of vibration depends on the amount of “life force energy” that is flowing through our bodies from ‘The Source’. Therefore, the main reason the majority of people are not in optimum health or are having major life issues is because their “life force energy” is low and they are vibrating at a much lower frequency than they should.  A negative mind results in a illness of some kind as every cell of our body is affected by our thoughts. Just as we can shape our future by holding appropriate thoughts, we can have a healthy body and fulfilling life by having positive thoughts and attract abundance in everything. What many people are not aware of, is that negative energy becomes trapped in the body, which then interferes with the natural energy flow. When our “life force energy” has been depleted, we become susceptible to depression, tiredness, stress and illness.​​​​ Having a ‘Reiki treatment’ is an effective way to restore that ‘life force energy’ so that your body is once again vibrating at a higher frequency which is ultimate to a healthy body, mind and spirit.​

How Does Reiki Benefit us?

During a Reiki treatment, we act as a conduit for light Universal energy that is transferred to the recipient through the chakras; areas of congested energy are identified, along with the cause (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical) and a timeline may be indicated.  Through this transfer of energy, we get to the root of the problem, clear the energy blockages in the body and aura. The ‘life force energy’ is restored and the person’s frequency is heightened leaving the the client feeling “lighter”, “calm” and “peaceful”.  ​The experience of Reiki is unique to each individual. It can be felt as heat, cold, tingling, vibration, but often some may fall asleep. Whatever the feelings or experiences, Reiki will greatly benefit the person receiving it as it raises their vibration allowing them to feel more optimistic and more in tune with themselves and the world around them.

Distant Healing and How it Works?

Through distant healing, we can send energy over a distance using Reiki sacred symbols. Using these powerful symbols, we have access to the Akashic records, which is where all the life of each soul is recorded past, present and future. When sending Reiki energy in absent healing, the energy goes where it is needed. It is not mindful, it works on the aura and chakras or it can be sent to the future to help you to achieve a goal which is to bring about the best outcome for all concerned.  It works on the emotional body where there may be fears, guilt or anger etc. the physical body to reduce pain or assist in a speedy recovery from illness or surgery, the mental body to reduce negativity, and spiritual body to remove energies or past lives. Pure light energy that comes from a higher source is sent using sacred symbols to make the connection with the person, just like you would if they were present, and distance or time has no relevance.  It brings a peace and tranquility to all immediately and helps their body heal from the moment it starts.  ​


For more information you might want to contact Debbie directly at

As of Now – “Love and Light” – Debbie

Spread the Love people x Have a splendid Sunday and Fantabulous Week ahead!


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