Yum Woon Sen – Thai Vermicelli Noodle salad (seafood & minced pork)


A little Thai treat, home made by me 🙂 brought to office to share the love with everyone x

In case anyone want to try it at home 🙂


Vermicelli Noodle or Glass Noodle (preferably Thai Brand)

Minced Pork 1/2 Kg (I made for 10 pax)

Tiger Prawn (medium size) 1/2 Kg

Tomato  (I used 4 pcs )

Onions (I used 4 pcs)

Spring Onion and Chinese Parsley

(for those who don’t like it then forget about it but for those who like it whole lot like me go ahead and put whole lot of it as these 2 will help to improve the taste and the aroma)

Thai Fish Sauce – about 4 table spoons

Light Soy Sauce – 2 table spoons

A Tea Spoon full  of Palm Sugar

A Tea Spoon full of brown Sugar

Lime   (Seriously this depends on how you like it)

Chili (if you like spicy then feel free to add as much as you like)

Some might like thinly slice or julienne carrot to add some flavour and colour into the salad

Blanching stock

Let’s Get Crackin’!

– Now before we begins, soak vermicelli noodle into water and wait for it to get a little softer  before you blanch it.

– This is my personal tip I always used whenever I am not sure if the meat is freshly off the butcher’s chopping board or the seafood has been in the freezer for long time. I will rinse the minced pork or prawn quick with sea salt; minced pork might be a bit hard to rinse so I used Hua Teow Chiew or Chinese Rice Wine (this is never before used in Thai dishes, or at least I’ve not heard of one Thai Dish that using this unless anyone know could of enlighten me? Feel free to share I mean) just use 2 table spoons of Chinese Rice Wine and salt sprinkling them into packet full of minced pork then give it a bash a bit here and there before you blanch it. Trust me your pork will never taste the same. Use it with any kind of meat though it is really good!

– Blanch all the main characters; tomatoes, onion, minced pork, tiger prawns (should be no longer than 2 minutes) and the last thing should be the vermicelli noodle. Do not blanch chili, spring onion and parsley

– you can start making the Salad dressing by using all the above seasonings mentioned then adjust the taste according to how you like it then the last thing would be the blanching stock to make it suits your taste, by adding them bit by bit.

– Lastly mix them all together and Voila! ready to serves , remember to serves along with lettuce and some might like fresh Chinese parsley to go with 🙂

Have fun cooking and Share it with people around you xxx


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