Blissful Weekend!

It is such a splendid weekend in Singapore – the weather been lovely so far, even though at some part of town actually pissing down a little bit here and there but on the East side still looking bright and lovely.

What’s going on this weekend in Singapore – Pre- Halloween Party going on at some pubs or clubs; as the actual date for this event falls on Thursday – Bummer! but if you are a true party-goer nothing could stop you eh 🙂

As for me I have been staying in for quite a fair bit – for a change I just want to do something different; no booze, wake up early and embrace a beautiful sunrise for my lovely weekend with no hangover. Normally I will go literally mental as in having a smashing time with my friends and come back with a massive hangover to begin and lost my Saturday to bed which is not good at all!

For a change – I woke up early, went for a walk and explore my neighbourhood during the day, then early evening made my trip down to Joo Chiat, Tanjong Katong and East Coast Road area where you can find from KTV pubs, Nice Bars, Cool laid back places to just sit down and chill out with friends over a pint or 2 with some decent nibbles. Well blended with the newly open Brotzeit on East Coast Road Branch, Alibaba, to Thai BBQ (Moo Ga Tha) or Ashton’s, cup cakes, Pastry shops, lastly Hainanese Chicken rice & Local Delight Stores. My favourite part of it all would be the Vietnamese Cuisine – they are literally every where along Joo Chiat Road!

I am a big fan of the antique stores, old shop houses around the area so I don’t mind hanging my sky high heels for my trainers and take a walk around during weekend, scouting for nice food and places to chill out. I had such a great time walking around the area on Friday evening, learned how much this area has changed over years – let’s face it the last time I visited Tanjong Katong Road was in year 2000 – its been a donkey years ain’t it. Now, the whole area has transformed into a multi-culture area, where you can find almost everything here; from local cuisine, South East Asian Cuisine to Western cuisine. Activities or Hobbies; Kick Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, Music school, and Dance class. There are so many things to do now in this area and if I may be honest – as creatures of habit, I’m fascinated with the changes in this area and I might stick around to find out more as I really am wonder about the food around the area if they are any good at all. Guess I will go check them out one by one 😉

Such a blissful weekend and I really am grateful for such a lovely weekend, I missed out on the Halloween Party last night –  honestly I am not a big fan of such an event so wouldn’t mind giving it a miss to be honest. However I am looking forward to the first concert of my friends; “Khim Ng” and her band “Diverse Attentions


Courtesy of “Khim Ng”  & Diverse Attentions” 

Performing Live at The Esplanade Waterfront at 7:30 pm – 8:45pm, along with other local famous bands and I am heading down there to show them my love and support!

I am truly grateful for everything that I am, the gift from God and everyone in my life :). I have gone through some rough patch in my life where I have the best supporting system like – My Family, My Bruvs, My Lovely Sisters and Uncle to provide me with such an enormous amount of love and guidance. Thank God for them being in my life and put up with my nonsensical thoughts even at some point where I am literally fucked up in my head and can’t seem to get out at all yet they’re always there to knock some senses into me. Most importantly I have God. so Amen! 😀

One of the quotes from the bible I would like to share with everyone; as this always reminds me to be thankful in my every waking moment.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.” Matthew 13:12

Be grateful for what you have, be thankful for everything you have been given and be thankful for what may come your way. Have a Blissful Sunday,

God Bless!


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