Win Some, Lose Some

Love is Patient

Love is Kind

It does not Envy, It does not Boast

It is not Proud 

It does not Dishonor Others

It is not Self-Seeking

It is not Easily Angered

It keeps No Record of Wrongs

Love does not Delight in Evil, but Rejoices with the Truth

It Always Protects, Always Trust, Always Hopes, Always Perseveres 

Love Never Fails

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 


Beautiful message from the bible that I always keep in  mind…it is with such a great meaning behind it. Thank God. 

It’s been a great year so far and towards the end of the year we go now – I’ve been to such a beautiful journey where I get to know myself a little bit better. I strongly believe that there is someone else out there who would of know you better than you are because you cannot see yourself unless you have 360′ mirror around you….then I guess you wouldn’t have time to explore and get to know another person. You would then end up being ALONE. 

I believe that God sent you into this world with someone out there for you, He made a Pair of you; just like Adam and Eve… 

“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith. but it’s worth the wait. ♥”

It is indeed very true and I trust in God’s work; someone who walks into your life either to be there till the end or just a lesson. Nevertheless they are still a blessing in disguised. All we can do is to learn from it and never to repeat it again. 

Sometimes I find it fascinating how much you can learn about the other person and to only realised it later that the very same person is actually like your mirror…you see so much of yourself through that person. I was driving my Porsche on the express way for like 3 months – that was a complete crash course where I get to explored the other side of me – The sweet, profound, bitter and insecure ME. Oh and at the end of the course my Porsche crashed on the way off the express way LOL!

This very person allowed me to understand myself a lot better and I am thankful for the journey we shared. You win some and lose some along the line but I’m sure I learned a lot out of this. 

I am beginning a new page of my life – freshly white sheet and I am going to start my magical journey, the goods and the bads, the graceful and kind way of life because Life is too short to be anything but Happy. Life is But Magic. It is a beautiful journey everyday so I can’t afford to waste anymore time.

My Porsche is damaged, but it is now in progress of restoration…it may not be as perfect as the brand new one but it is sure moving a little more steady and firmly than before. As soon as the work is done – I will be well on my way to explore the world and what is out there for me. 

Everyday is a brand new day. I’m just really grateful for everything that I have right now. God has been far too kind and comforting. Thank God. 

Have a Fabulous day and Always remember to have gratitude attitude –  Life is Truly Magical!



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