Singapore: My Journey to work


Have you ever feel like going to work everyday, just can’t wait to go to work and sit there and do what they hired you to do… Not because of the hot blokes/birds in your office/floor or next to your cubicle, but because the fact that you really enjoy every moment of working there. Let begins with the waking up and getting ready, you would probably say that “Meh! I’m not a morning person” or “Oh God I am so tired and not wanna get outta this comfy bed”. I was like that back in 2012 and not really looking forward to waking up and get ready for work….I genuinely am not a morning person…..

The different is that job is so much more relaxing and much better than the previous one…. My previous job was that I have to fly all the time and had to work from 9 am till 10 pm, lost all my personal time and social life hardly spent enough time with my family… but I’m still alive and kicking better than ever of course!

Waking up everyday right now to me is a blessing and I thank God for the fact that he knew me inside out – what I’m thinking and what I need to get done..not exactly that I repent but I made amend just a tad bit for the better life I hope to pursue. I seriously am enjoying my bus ride every morning (Bus Wankers as the Inbetweeners Series said by Jay Carwright) I love the surrounding, the fresh air and looking out the window from the bus, the journey from my home to work is brill I must say, I get to enjoy a magnificent view of all the buildings in the central business district what people here called is the financial center of Singapore. Surrounded by all different sort of shape, size and design – the architect is indeed unique, each and all of them are built according to the “Feng Shui” to suits the country.

Suntec City, Fountain of Wealth, DBS Bank Building, One Fullerton Hotel, The beautiful Boat Quay UOB Buildings, Asia Square, SGX, Lau Pa Sat, Raffles Hotel, Padang, and the Old Parliament…Lastly Singapore River.

I am in love with my journey to work and my job so much! Check out the picture I managed to capture whilst the bus stopped for red light…the sky was a bit gloomy and it looked as though its gonna piss down anytime…

I love this city where I called “Home”, Singapore. After been away from this places for months…How silly of me to thought of it otherwise…

Happy Mid week people!



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