Holiday is Over… Just for now though…


Okay…time to get a little bit serious about life now besides travelling, eating and indulging myself with all the great food and laid back life in Thailand. Time to get back on heels and strut that stuff on!

8 Months in Thailand has been awesome and I couldn’t complaint more, I’ve learned practically a lot more than 4 years in University and obviously have met many characters during that period of time in Chiang Mai. I have literally discovered my true friends, white trash-out for free crash and good fun (No offense but I am referring to a specific someone), I discovered my love for my mother’s hometown and the magic of the 4 walls in the old city of Chiang Mai  – Definitely Thapae Gate and Chiang Mai Gate. I also learned a lot about different walk of lives who just try to make a living there and how weird people can be…

I can never finished in this post….but yes definitely I love the laid back lifestyle there so much – deep down inside of me I do miss wearing high heels and wearing all proper and glam… Nevertheless, living a balanced life is what I am trying to pursue at this point of my life.

Right! Moving back home and start living reality again, I mean the working hard part and living in a safe net society with great benefits and well taken care of by the government – of course you gotta work hard and pay hard as well as enjoy your life every single moment…I am pleased to be back home to the world where I know every single area of this country and all my friends, my family and my life literally just can’t be without this place.

I will still be updating places to hangout, good dining places and where is good to stay – I still prefer the reasonable and affordable price though so…yes

but do follow us on – Expats in Chiang Mai for more information and updates about Chiang Mai upcoming events.



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