Hangout/Party in the Old City of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a lovely place to be, laid back, slow moving pace and people are really friendly there. There are quite numbers of hangout place around old town that I’ve been a regular patron at for events like; footballs, F1, pool game, chillax with friends and there are some of places that we go once in a while just to unwind and have good fun.

Let Just Chill first shall we….

1. Number One Bar on Loy Kroh Soi 1 – Sports Bar with Friendliest Staff and Good Food

Now don’t take this the wrong way – this place is amazing! with good pool tables and peaceful surrounding. Great beef stew, wide range of import beers for you to choose, and most importantly the staffs are well-friendly, with background music just a nice volume for the guests to talk and hangout without having to scream at one another.

For more information:

Must try: Belgium Beers and Beef Stew

PS: Sorry there’s no picture available but, hey do check out the new branch of Number One Bar along Pa Daed Road near the newly open Sheik Istana Hotel.

2. The Wall – The name was inspired by the eleventh album of Pink Floyd “The Wall” 

This is a great place to hangout, decent food, good vibe and they are showing the sports on TV too! all you need is just be a bit patient with the waitresses. Overall it is a great spot to be in the area. Directly opposite to Bamboo Bar, Euro Dining and Chiang Mai Saloon. For those who love people watching, it is indeed a very chillout spot to do that.

3. The U.N. Irish Pub – If you love Guinness on tap, Sports Fanatics, Dinner in the Garden  and delish breads!

Dinner in the secluded garden at the UN Irish pub is equally as good as the yummy bread they made. Big Fan of the Guinness on tap be sure to visit this place, Thursday Quiz night, Dart and of course Sports on demand; Cricket, F1, Football and Rugby.

For more information:

You should be a bit Tipsy by now 🙂 ….

4. Loco Elvis – Experience the “Tex-Mex” in Chiang Mai and Yummey Margaritas  with more than 167,000 Songs for Karaoke Lovers!

No further comment really to be honest, except for a great place to go singing karaoke because they have the most up-to-date songs on the menu for people around the world to come have fun throw party and sing your heart out. Just don’t take the mickey when you order for Fajitas (I do hope they improve on their Margaritas and quality of meat for that price customers’ paying. Also watch out for people who smoke, because sometimes they hand you an ashtray but later will tell you that you are not allowed to smoke inside, and if the police catch you smoking inside you might get fine and the restaurant not going to be responsible for it.

Let’s Get The Party Started….

5. Zoe in Yellow – The One and Only Place to Party in Town

I’m sure everyone knows/heard about this place, it is a nice hangout place by Zoe in Garden while on the other hand you can go over to the air-conditioned side if its too crowded and you just prefer the other kind of dance music. Zoe in Yellow gets really crowded around midnight and honestly the booze in Chiang Mai is inexpensive, so you can get yourself real smashed with just less than 200 THB a shot!

For more information:

And After Hour Places for Hardcore Party-goer

6. Spicy – Techno, Trance Music

7. Lucky Bar – Mixed

8. Fabric Club, Chiang Mai

I guess that’s all for now –  I do have more to update, next post shall be somewhere around the famous area amongst Thai students, Chinese and Japanese or even Bangkokian relocated to Chiang Mai – that’s none other than Nimmandhemin Road.

Till next post xoxo


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