Bak Kut Teh (Rou Gu Ca) – The Singapore Pork Ribs Soup

There was a time where I just walked down the market to look for my favourite Chrysanthemum tea or Ginseng Tea (Bitter One), I often find myself disappeared into that small crowd of Chinese herbs store, where I can see the typical dried Chinese Herbs. I love the fragrance of it so much that lead me to think of my favourite dish; Singapore Pork Ribs Soup (Rou Gu Ca or Bak Kut Teh)…

Nothing beats this aromatic soup, rich in mixed herbs and taste just like heaven. Except for you will need to take sometimes to slowly cook/stew until the pork ribs is tender. Best way to slow cook is by using the claypot with charcoal. I just did it the other day with my aunt, who is the great chef and I am gladly inherit her culinary skills or at least trying to cook as good as her 🙂

As I’ve got my favourite drinks in hand, walking back home, feeling so blessed and grateful for my everyday life and the blessing from God. I stopped over for a quick check in supermarket for some more goodies for the next meal. 

Bingo! I found What I’m looking for…I made my way home once I got all the ingredients ready; I know just what to do next – Preparing with my aunt in the kitchen and learn to master all of her recipes – As soon as I can 🙂

This is when I know I am Home..truly…

Dinner is ready 🙂 !

Singapore Bak Kut Teh – My Favourite!
Steam Red Snapper Teow Chew Style
There is nothing better than coming home to a Delish food, where you know what you put in there and you witness every step of preparation. You can be sure that your stomach won’t be upset later…
Have a Splendid Weekend Everyone! 
God Bless.



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