Singapore, Home

I’ve been back to visit my family and friends for nearly 2 weeks now. It has been amazing and it’s always good to be back home, seeing all the familiar faces, visit your favourite hangout spots, eat to your heart content, indulged yourself with local delights and of course the country landscape and transportation system that take you any where island wide. 
To many people, Singapore might be a very boring-safe island that moves at a very fast pace. You will see that new buildings are coming up every three months, new restaurants or new clubs around the CBD area are growing like a wild mushroom. This place might be indeed boring but will never be predictable, because Singapore always working on improving herself to meet high demands and fast growing world. This is the place where everyone wants to be…
I’m so blessed to be back and living the life that I normally lived. Family, friends and social life. My whole life basically here and I’ve been living away for too long. It’s been great so far to be here with my loved ones. I also have another close knits family in Chiangmai – my best friends, which I do miss them loads x 
You know where you can run to whenever things don’t work out, that place is your home…
Till next time…

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