Chiang Mai – Road Safety, Manner and Bad Traffic

Just came back from the Weekday Market at Rimping, Ruamchoke Intersection, OMG! It was nightmare and a challenge! I just want to go out there get some food, take a walk and really just relax…guess not. As I was riding motorcycle to the market I encountered with the following accident threats;

1. A Truck trying to roll me off the road when I was just riding on far left side off the main lane. 

2. Another Truck put on high beam to get me off the road when I was actually on the far left and no sign of going into the right lane.. (WTF) 

3. Toyota Vios was trying to get into right lane prepare for U-Turn but did not indicate the turning light…nearly caused an accident on the road for other drivers.

4. A Middle Age Man illegally crossed the road from Ruamchoke Fresh Market to the other side of the road – That’s not it. He was wearing all BLACK!! and It was like 8 Fucking PM!!! I nearly knock him in the middle of the road when he jump off from the bush! SMH!!

Honestly, Those people who own a car, yet do not know how to drive properly and always so rude to the fellow drivers who travelling on the road, I bet everyone is travelling to the same destination.. Home. I’m not quite sure if they are well-aware of the fact that there’s a purpose in sitting in the seminar at 8 AM and to end at 5 PM in order to take the fucking driving test. There’s something called manner, in case if they do not know. 

Its nothing new to majority of the people here but still I’m very sure that there must be a way to help educate these people and make them realise how important is for everyone to know about the Road Safety. 

Screw those fucking expensive car if the owner doesn’t have manner, guess Expensive car is nothing if the owner doesn’t have class while driving or some even talk on the phone while riding motorcycle!!! 

Clearly – Class cannot be bought, just like happiness and time. But one thing money can buy is a Good education, again its depends on the receiver’s end. 

Drive safe and watch out for your own arses while driving 🙂 cos they ain’t going to give a flying fuck! For those good drivers, Cheers for the good work and thank you for being considerate on the road and towards others travelling with ya x

Have a Good Laugh and A Good Week Peeps x


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