Simple Breakfast at Home

There comes a time where I go to bed with the breakfast menu in my head, but woke up  with no clue but just go through my fridge and see what’s there I can cook.
Decided to fry up something simple; Whole Wheat Toast, Omelette,  Ham and Sausages.

Here we go…really simple one.

– Slice of Whole Wheat Toast
– Smoked Pork Sausages
– Smoked Ham 
– Omelette (2 Eggs, Milk, Pepper, Coriander & Scallion (finely chopped), Chilli (Remove tiny bit of the seeds), Tomato (finely dice), Pinch of Salt, and Maggie Sauce.
– To enhance the taste French Mustard and Tabasco 
I love to eat so much, I love to create different dishes, I love to eat out (so I can get some inspiration from tasting different dishes and create my own later) but too in love with home cooked food – at least I know what I’m putting in there and every step of cooking in my own way…

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy your Breakfast (Brunch)! 🙂


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