Short of Manpower

Recently…not quite to be perfectly honest –  it was about a month ago when I went into the city (in Chiangmai) around the moat area to get a massage and that massage place was rather decent and my so called regular (because they have the best therapists who know how to attack your bad knots and reasonable price despite being in the touristy area). 

On that day, my regular therapist was busy and I have to wait for 1.45 hours if I insist on having her. I was running out of time so I thought I would get some other therapist instead since I trust(ed) they put me with a professional therapists as this is not the first time I’m being fixed by the other therapists; so I agreed on the condition they gotta get me the professional or “know-how” one. 

It didn’t end just here, I was sitting outside waiting for my therapist and when she came to receive me and sat me down at the massage chair…I felt a little obnoxious around her because she was not friendly and she gave me rather a mean look! WTF????

Beginning of the course this is what I got from her…

1. Her eyes were wandering around outside what the others were doing instead of focusing on the customer – Me 

2. She did not work my spots or done like the other Therapists who were next to her, but she did turned to the next seat therapist for advise of how do you the inner arch at the foot!

3. She did not follow the procedures that were taught by the senior therapist – Stubborn. 

Finally… 45 Minutes later


I decided to confront her if she at all knew what she was doing, she was basically caressing my feet and hardly grabbed the right spot! – 

Her answered was rather simple yet upsetting. So basically she thought that money is easier to earn just like how she answered it? 
Her answer: This is my first time to work solo, I have been here only 3 Months to learn massage but today the shop is short of therapist so I have to work/help them… (of course with the trademark or rather signature a sweet smile) 

After I finished my massage I almost tears right there right then when she gone disappeared into the back of the house; I, of course, left her tips of 100 THB and never showed up there again. 

I wouldn’t mind if she could of just been honest with me that she is new and stuff like that then I can request for someone else rather than come tell me at the very 15 minutes towards the end of the course. 

People seriously need to stop taking advantages of tourist or people who you’re not sure if they are tourist or live here. Because if you can’t treat your own people equally – who else can you respect? I don’t think any of the tourist would like to be conned by the local – 

Why don’t everyone just try to give a sincere warm-welcome to the guests visitors and let them go back with a great memory of Thailand – rather than jeopardise it?

Peace out! 

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