Where to Eat in Chiang Mai?

Top 5 Restaurants I always go back to with friends and loved ones…

1. Chez Marco  – Set on Loy Kroh Road; Unexpectedly secluded in the midst of Chiang Mai Red Light District yet Chez Marco has got good food and good wine with reasonable price to offer!

Appetizer: Cheese Platter with 5 Different kind of Cheeses 
Appetizer: Asparagus Salad 

Main Course: Lamb Chop with Mashed Potato and Grilled Tomato that serves with different type of Mustards 

Main Course: Beef Fillet with Mashed Potato and Gravy 

Main Course: Black Pepper Beef Steak with Sweet Tapioca and Mashed Potato

Chez Marco also offers special menu of the day for main course and dessert, check it out for the mouth-watering dishes at Chez Marco. 

I am a big fan of Prosecco (Sparkling Wine) and Red Wine from Fat Bastard; apparently not every restaurant in Chiang Mai serves Prosecco unless you visit those high-end restaurants. 

So check it out at Chez Marco, it is indeed a nice restaurant for business meeting, family outing, social gathering and functions. The Staffs are super friendly and very attentive except for when they are running really busy; however advance booking shall be made otherwise you will get the seat outside next to the ” Saan Phra Phoom” by the entrance.  

For Reservation:

Chez Marco
 15/7 Loi Kroh Road, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Tel: +66 53 207 032 

2. Prego Restaurant – Italian & Thai Fusion Restaurant 

Main Restaurant Side

 “Brilliant, Intimate, and Very Friendly” (www.TripAdvisor.com) – I couldn’t agreed more with this comment… set on the other corner of the gate on Sri Phoom Soi 1, surrounded by shop houses and guest-houses and cute boutique hotels. 
The ambience is indeed fantastic, I really like the fact that the C’est Bon Bar (part of Prego Restaurant) has got a little more character than some well-known bars. I was there twice with friends, and we sat at C’est Bon Bar instead of the main restaurant. Nice Jazz music playing on the background and the lighting just fine not too bright not too dark, the décor of the whole restaurant & bar is actually a contemporary modern with a twist of Lanna architect and art pieces. 

C’est Bon Bar

We ordered Mussels in White Wine as recommended by the Chef/Owner as our starter to go with Sauvingnon Blanc – but we thought it was a little overcooked or something, it was a lot of work to bite in.

Mussels in White Wine

Main Courses: 

Fusilli with Anchovies, Black Olives and Tomatoes Sauce

Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Tomatoes Sauce

Special Order Requested by our table: Cheese Pizza 
Red Wine: Genesis Cabernet Sauvingnon
White Wine: I can’t really remember but all I remember its from South Africa Sauv Blanc.

Great ambience, nice music and great to go sit down by the corner with your favourite book and have a nice wine to go with a nice pizza, but the last time I was there the service was really a let-down. The Green Salad a starter, that was ordered as a starter yeah…came after we finished our main course, the service was quite a bit of a shocking that day –  not that I expected everyday to be the same but at least the green salad that I reckon those mixed vegetables that looked like it came off from the package and straight into a bowl with some dressing in it, should be the easiest one – unless otherwise. 

It was nice of the Chef/Owner and his staffs to come out and apologise for the late delivery of the salad and for the taste of the food. As we also gave him the verbal feedbacks on spot right that moment. Another thing was; the first visit my pasta was a bit undercooked and the second time it was all right. 

I would definitely recommend Ravioli as it was really a delish dish worth mention, Onion Soup (Thick version) and Mushroom soup were really nice too, serve in just a nice amount with bread. 

Prego Restaurant is definitely worth giving a shot; given the fact that the restaurant is very family-like kind of business and the staffs are very friendly – last but not least do remind them  again that Salad for Starter not after Main course 😛 Joking!

For Reservation:

Prego Restaurant 
15/3 Sripoom Road, Soi 1 
Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tel: +668-1882-7466
3. Gohanya – Cozy Little Japanese Restaurant in the heart of the city that offers a lovely set meal and Sake!

Set on Moon Muang Soi 7, small little house with Japanese style of seating arrangement (Sit on cushions with a tables or you can also choose to sit on normal dining tables. 

The menu that often order is Deep Fried Gyoza and Stir Fried Pork Tenderloins with Ginger and Spring Onion set. They also do a fresh Sashimi with fresh Wasabi, California Maki Roll on the A La Carte Menu and Sushi Set Menu, just like the lunch set at the back of the menu. I took my mum there once and got her Grilled Teriyaki Saba Set and She totally loved it and thought it was really unbelievable price for the whole set! Well but the beef set was a bit hard work for the gum/jaw ugh! is it just Thai Beef or is it just the type of beef they chose…I wonder?

Warm Sake is a must try at Gohanya, they also do serve wine and beers (Singha, Leo and Heineken) and of course fresh fruit juice. 

The staffs are friendly and attentive, they also do have such a cute prize for you if you spend at least 300 THB up. 

Visit Gohanya Japanese Restaurant at 

Gohanya Japanese Restaurant
9 Soi 7 Moon Muang Road,
Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Tel: +668-9266-1363

4. The Swan Burmese Cuisine – On a very convenient location, awesome Burmese Food in Town!

Found this place by surprised as I was walking along the Moat with my beau and supposed to be looking for our late lunch after a hard night smashed with the party and booze. I have always wanted to try at this restaurant for the sake of driving by all the time and the fact that Mexican restaurant next to it was a quite disappointment for me. 

The Swan Burmese Cuisine Restaurant, may seems like there’s nothing much from the entrance of the restaurant because it sets inside behind the semi-wooden house building and the garden at the back in dining area to get you away from the buzzling main road. 
The taste of Burmese food (Northern) is similar to Thai Food; like the one that I ordered, Beef soup taste almost like Gaeng Ohm from the northern Thai, and Fish Soup the yellow soupy taste similar to another dish of the northern Thai cuisine too. 

Give it a try 🙂

The Swan Burmese Cuisine, Chiang Mai, Thailand 
48 Chaiyapoom Road, T. Chiang Moi, Muang, Chiang Mai Thailand 
Tel: +6687-381-7935

5. Hoy Kha (Chao Wang) Thai Restaurant – Authentic Thai and Northern Cuisine, Hanging legs while enjoying great food. 

Hoy Kha (ห้อยขา) – it is mean to hang your legs down from a higher place. This Thai restaurant or rather a family business with a few workers, set in the heart of the city just about 1 KM away from the famous Wat Phrasingh, towards Chiang Mai Gate. If you just drive by and look at this place during the day you will probably think it just a typical villager’s wooden house with space under the house or double storey house. Try to drive pass around 5 pm onwards you will be able to see people sitting up there with their legs hanging down and facing the main road. 

The idea of this place is quite unique; to have the kitchen in what it suppose to be master bedroom, and the cushions for customers to sit with on the floor, you can choose whether you want to sit on low table inside which the restaurant also provide the projector screen for football matches showing, or you can sit out or by the side of the house that allowed you to hang your legs. 

I have been there many times and really very pleased with the food there; it is reasonable and yummy! never failed to satisfy my hunger for Thai Food. Do not go during the busy period because there was one time when we went there around 7-8 pm, we got to wait for at least an hour and a half just to get our salad. 

My All time Favourite Menus:

Cockles Salad with all the herbs and spices. 

Cockles & Oysters with Northern style of ingredient to go with.

The Favourite ones that I did not get a chance to take picture – too busy eating as usual and silent fall upon us all. 
1. Tom Yum Kang Fish in Clear Soup 
2. Tom Yum Frog in Clear Soup 
3. Stir Fried Bitter Guard with eggs 
4. cooked liver salad with herbs and spices
5. Chicken Feet Soup – Super Kha Gai

Speaking of this place really remind me of my dear friends and sure to make another trip out to the city to enjoy these yummy food with them again. 

Hoy Kha Chao Wang Thai Restaurant
Sam Larn Soi 5, Sam Larn Road, 
T. Phrasingh, A. Muang, Chiang Mai Thailand 

Do Share your experience if you ever check out these places. 

Have a splendid week peep! 

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