BBQ – "Welcome Home Mum" Barbie

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am grateful for everything God has given/provided, both in health and wealth. Amen.
What are you thanking for? πŸ™‚

I hope you guys having a great weekend, as for me I have good reason to celebrate this weekend πŸ™‚

First: my mum came visit from Singapore, after I’ve moved here for 2 almost 3 months and I mean literally permanently moved to Chiangmai for Good!

Initially my mum wouldn’t believe that I would have the gut to give up whatever I have there – it’s like my whole life is there but I guess I’m quite done with that kind of lifestyle. I’m looking forward to do something much more rewarding with my life. I’m sort of embracing the slow pace life and trying to live simple life with less drama and non-materialistic phrase.

I am indeed very pleased with my simple life right now.

Second: I have such a lovely job, boss and colleagues. It is indeed a very small little boutique hotel yet it fills with homely style and friendly guests. I also enjoy helping tourist; especially those Chinese people in Chiangmai, because I get to use my linguistic skills and help provide the right information to people.

Lastly: I’ve made new acquaintances, met with some bad and good people, still I would thank God for giving me a chance to learn from those people. There’s always good and bad in everyone, like the old saying; imperfection is beauty, no ones is perfect. I’ve met with so many amazing people and I truly am feel blessed.

Now, back to Barbie I had yesterday at mi casa. It was a good Barbie to introduce my neighbours and friends to my mum, since she has not been back for 5 years. I prepared everything and of course with the help of my neighbour, my mum, my friend. From shopping for grocery at fresh market, to prep the lawn and get the charcoal ready for the Barbie.

It went well and my friends came join us and they brought drinks along, we had fire crackers and some fireworks. Much later in the night after we had enough of food. We had this lantern wish where we write down our wishes and sign off, then releases the lantern.

3 of us were getting ready to hit the road to get our grocery for the barbie.

It was indeed very pleasant evening, where I got all my friends come around doing this kinda stuff together have some decent food & definitely decent fun.

Oh and guess what, the storm hits Chiangmai just at the nick of time when we about to wrap up the Barbie and after we released the lantern. It wouldn’t be so scary if the electricity didn’t get cut off! It was temporarily blacked out for a bit there but we turned the whole event into such a romantic candlelit Barbie and drink πŸ™‚

Getting ready to release the Lantern

Well well well,, nothing to complain about except for a great outcome after all my mum was so proud of me and for me I’m very pleased that she’s mingling around and speaking more to my friends. She’s well cute I must say πŸ™‚

My Mama

Me & Mama
Our “Poo Yai” & My Sexy Friend

Again Mama & Daughter

Voila! Off We go!!
Awww….it’s coming to the end of fun weekend, I wish everyone a great weekend/Sunday!

Sunday market or Chiangmai Walking Street is here, but I will prolly stay home and soak myself with a warm milky bath. Much needed indeed after a long week.

Have a splendid Sunday everyone! God bless you all x

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