Khun Chang Kian & Doi Suthep Trip

Breath of Nature…

No Trip would be completed without visiting Doi Suthep Temple; the most beautiful and sacred temple containing a Holy Relic of the Buddha. I would say it is more of a Signature of Chiang Mai.  Magnificent panoramic view of the city can be seen from the temple at 3,500 feet above sea level and you could also view Chiang Mai from Bird’s-eye-view.

Besides this beautiful holy sacred temple, there’s another place that I’ve got a chance to visit – Khun Chang Kian… where we escaped from the city and pollution to enjoy a simply bliss lifestyle of the Hmong Hilltribe Village. I got a chance to explore how they live up there, sipped freshly brew coffee and enjoy the peaceful moment and great view of the Mountains and Coffee plantation.  

I kind of love the fresh air up there. Khun Chang Kian is best to go during December – February.

Along the way up to Khun Chang Kian, I noticed some of the children with the basket attached to their back, as they were going out to get some vegetables herbs and spices. They were little cuties with red cheeks from the cold weather and wearing those beautiful colourful dresses handmade by their mothers. How adorable! 

Actually Khun Chang Kian is famous for the Thai Sakura during winter time and its very hard to visit by private car because the road rather narrow and steep slope just best to come in with pick up truck. We got there by a nice clean van but we gotta changed into pick up truck, so don’t be surprised if you gotta transfer there before heading into Khun Chang Kian

The Hmong or Meo Tribes have been relocating to the northern part of Thailand and some of them moved down from “Yun Nan” Canton from China and other Tribes from China. They then settled in up north of Thailand; Mae Hong Sorn, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai. Some of them settled in Laos or Myanmar too. 

Beautiful view from Khun Chang Kian Meo Village

Our Tour Guide Mr. James was giving us a brief Must-Know Knowledge about the Hmong & Meo Hill-Tribe, it is quite indeed very interesting to learn about their cultures and how they came about settled in the northern part of Thailand. Now that we know, not all of the Thais are pure Thais….technically….

We got there just in time the villagers sitting out after breakfast and gather around for a morning chat, while the kids were running around and playing with one another. 

Fresh Coffee Beans left out to dry naturally – Sun-dried Coffee beans

Such a pleasant weather and fresh air up here, freshly brew coffee in this chill weather…and nice warm sunshine beaming on the way.. while the children were busy playing hide and seek, the housewives/mothers were busy picking their coffee some were meddling with their almost done needle works getting them all set to go for sales in town or within the village.

After a warm up walk around to see the Meo’s housing, we headed out for a short trail – a short trek into the jungle for just about 5 minutes cos we gotta head down to the coffee plantation and small lil cozy place for fresh coffee. 

It was just a half day tour, but this trip was not just sight seeing or whatever usual tour trip was, but it was more of cultural education and sound more of history class and also because the tour guide made it so special. Khun Aeh and Khun James actually shared with us about the Meo and Hmong cultures, the differences between Tai and Thai and brief backgrounds of both tribes. 

Come check out the trip and experience cultural Education in Chiang Mai,explore the city and sight seeing 🙂 from Now – February 2013. 

                                             Will keep posted x


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