Something about Lanna City

“When you got Nothing, You got Nothing to Lose….” – Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone.

Couldn’t Agree more with Bob Dylan!

I have officially moved to Chiang Mai!!!.

Back in year 2010 and 2011 I was just a student, travelling here to visit friends and explore the city, I’ve made some good friends and had a blast time. But this trip sort of special one, it is a huge commitment I’ve ever made…I decided to move to Chiang Mai for Good.

Chiang Mai is a lovely city to live in, and I know the city of Chiang Mai itself can be pretty small if you know all the small Sois or Places to go for good food. Some people might be thinking why am I always back to this place and doing same thing all over again. Have I not had enough of ’em?

For some reason, Chiang Mai still same old same old Chiang Mai but I breath different air this time, not quite sure why but the moment I landed in Chiang Mai International Airport I just felt for the very first time that I actually have something to look forward to, though I’ve been here many times and not very familiar with some places in town or even know how to ride Motorbike into the city but I know I’m gonna make it.
I was not expecting anything lavishing to happen or a big party, all I could think of was just settle down have a low-key life and nothing Hoo-Haa like when I was in Singapore or Bangkok. I am in fact on my way of living like a local… Wish me Luck.

2012 gave me so much to be thankful for and also made me realised what I really need in my life, what makes me truly happy… Well I’m sure there are more to come my way. Be it bad or good…Bring it on!



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