The boys night out at Ku De Ta – Marina Bay Sands

After a long day at work, decided to join my colleagues for a bit of a laugh; we trio, 2 boys and me, we went for Thai movie. SucSeed or Succeed. Thai comedy, that talked about friendship blossom into love, rival between twin brothers turned closed knit, and of course heartbroken from your first love. I barely watch Thai movies but I sort of wanna do something for a change.

Movie done by almost midnight, while waiting for a cab by high school friend buzzling me out to meet at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. I wasn’t gonna go out but well, why not! 

Arrived at the Marina Bay Sands around quarter past midnight; with 5 boys and I’m the only wingman! Checked in at Kudeta Marina Bay Sands, I love the vibe up there, great party with magnificent view from the top overlooking the heartlands of Singapore. Merlion and one of the oldest hotels; Fullerton and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It was an exceptionally great night out with the boys!

Check out the night view from Kudeta.

Done at the Kudeta by 2 a.m. we all headed out to Zouk Singapore, another hangout night club in Singapore or rather one of the oldest and cater to most of the youngster and the young at heart crowd. 

Had a Blast!!! 

Have a Lovely weekend everyone!

God Bless you all!

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