I’m bleeding…

Never thought I’ll find someone
Like you…
Someone who could tear down those walls
I was not planning on having you in my life
Until now…

I’m glad that all is over. I’m glad that we parted amicably
I’m glad that I experienced it with you…
True love.

I couldn’t find a word to describe how I feel
I don’t know if I’m sad or happy but all I know is…
My heart is bleeding…hence I, tear,

Never mind, I say to myself — it’s all right— just cry
Don’t fight it, don’t hold back, let it all out
You’ve done your best, you’ve done your part —

The excuses, the lies, the past — I will just forgive you.
I’m willing to let you go without hesitation,
For you to pursue your dream & happiness,
I set you, my love free, for I know you deserve to be happy

This is how much I love you— I wish nothing but the best for you and her.
You have my blessing, even though you’re a cunt sad little boy but still
You were once someone I loved.
Salut to the lost of my Love —
Pathetic I experienced what’s true love
With the wrong guy — so to find the right one.

I love you with all my heart – though my heart is bleeding

But I’m glad I’m still breathing – Thank God x

—-In God I Trust—


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