Hang out with the Chef

At last my dream come true HeHehe, I have a thing or two for men in Chef uniform with Apron, they’re such a turn on πŸ™‚ Spikey Hair with white top and wearing those pants and busy chopping decorating the plate… awwwww I’m melting πŸ˜›

Met up with Pete after his work for a bit of catch up and chill out before he head out to meet his fellow chefs at the B.B. Bar, Clarke Quay. Lovely weather in Singapore and of course exceptionally beautiful architecture country :)) 

We started walking from The Esplanade Theater, we wanted to sit down chill and some finger food, Pete knows that I left when The Marina Bay Sands was going up; so he suggested I go into his world or rather his favourite hang out. Why not! MSB! Breathtaking view of the whole island. 

We settled down at the Sky Bar, I had my Lychee Rose Martini and Pete had Ginger Lime Martini if I’m not wrong. It was a good catch up, full of tourist, but I must say that the Bar lack of Stool it would be brilliant if they have stool for us to sit around the Bar. 

See you again next time MBS, You’ve been nice :)) Next we planned to walk over to the Best Mojito place, Cuba Libre, Clarke Quay but unfortunately the place will be open around 6pm, so we headed back to Cafe Iguana :)) Happy Hour for Frozen Margaritas (9 flavours) hehee my favourite hangout place (All time I would say) I had strawberry Margarita, Pete is a Mojito slut so yeah, he said it was really nice, so I decided to gave it a go. It was pretty nice and I switched to Mojito instead of My favourite Frozen Margarita.

The weather was lovely, we had some snack and we headed over to Clarke Quay again to join with Pete’s colleagues for an Aussie Footy. Pete invited me to hangout with his colleagues sort of informal hangout for footy and beers :)) I like it anything to do with beer and sport πŸ˜› I’m a slut at it πŸ˜› 

Finally get to see the chefs in action and yeah out of their uniforms, it was fun as it was my first time watching the Aussie Football with the Aussie πŸ˜› I went totally Aussie that night, had an Aussie Beers, rooting for NSW, Hanging out with the Aussie chefs LOL kinda funny keep hearing their accent that way. Got home pretty tipsy cos I hardly drink in Thailand, Pete sent me home cos we live near to each other, it was a great night out, especially the catching was so juicy and a lot to bitch about. I’m glad to see Pete is coming out of his shell and started drinking socialising a little bit more, better than 2 years ago πŸ™‚ He was all shy and nervous though he still has that bit, when he’s around me hahaha. His awkwardness is really Cute!! Major! 

I told him I’m gonna turn lesbo cos I totally give up on men and he gave me that flown look πŸ˜› but it was just hypothetically though I see the possibility of being one really high. 

Anyway will update some more of my Daily routine and coming up I have a girls gathering with all my lovely sisters. Have not seen them for 2 years and its going to be my first time meeting with one of my sis who is now married and pregnant!

God Bless you all. xoxo

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