Dinner at Aunt’s Place

Had a Nice Shiraz from Chile last night before Bed 😉

Slept late last night, woke up early again, spa appointment and facial appointment -_-” I don’t really like it, but gotta do it cos I can’t look at my face in the mirror – just realise I neglected myself for so long and now its time I should pamper myself just a bit more. I didn’t feel it when my mum and aunt were complaining about how I look right now, but when I woke this morning I find myself…..Arrghhh!!! Ghost! still I like the lil tan I have now.

Done with pampering myself then next brunch and laundry before leaving for Dinner at Aunt’s place. By the time I finished everything, almost 3 pm then I need to pick what to wear,, Major Headache and hands feel itchy…I need to make another shopping trip happen. 

Aunt’s menu today – Fish head curry, Stir Fried water crest, omelet (for my cousin), and Chicken tonic soup.Honestly I must admit that my aunt is one of the best cooks I know, I’m so looking forward to eat her Delishly thick fish head curry and Chicken tonic soup. I can guaranteed everyone that within 2 weeks I will be the white chicken and gain some weight, for sure!!!

Arrived at Aunt’s place around 4pm, went to get my eyebrows fixed and now I love the shape of my brows :))) then walked over to aunt’s place as fast as I can cos my tummy is crying for some yummy food XD

Fish Head Curry

Omelet for cousin

Chicken Tonic Soup

Stir Fried Water crest

Let’s not forget – Chrysanthemum tea with white fungus, to help relieve heatiness :)))

Simply Delish! I can’t help it but to have 2 plates of rice, and 2 bowls of Chicken tonic soup. XD My aunt really knows that I need some tonic soup for my health and immune system, I heart her to max!

After I had the curry, came to Selena’s room, Oh! I met with YM too, he was in the house with my aunt and his girlfriend, we ate together, talked for a bit then he had to go with his GF. YM Loves his mum made Omelet, some veggies and sort of fussy eater but he’s a nice boy, and after all he’s my most interesting cousin besides his younger sister, Selena. 

I slept late last night as I was up, exchanging email; I seriously want to end it in an amicable way, no need to get anyone involved but I don’t think He wants to end it that’ way. Not that I give a flying fuck but it was like what I expected, I should have buy 4D, I would be a millionaire this trip man. 
As I said I knew what will happen, I was laughing at my facebook profile as I saw someone unfriend me. Needless to look or anything, you know what I mean…I didn’t mean to confront that guy about the pics, but I thought that guy would be man enough to own up and if he has not done anything wrong, there’s nothing should be afraid of or to hide. Dodgey Dodgey! task task tsak!! 
Instead, I received nasty emails, I feel rather sorry for that person, honestly. Quite mentally childish isn’t it – I didn’t want to reply those emails but man, since I’ve kept it to myself for quite sometimes about that kind of behaviour, why not let off some steam? 

I can’t believe I actually Love that C***…. Still >>_<< CT scan is compulsory!

Oh, forgot to tell him to let his friends know that they have to unfriend me or delete me from their facebooks… 

Yawwwnnnnn…. really tired, Food digesting, gonna go get some fruit and red wine, then might just crash for a bit before Selena got home from work. Might stay over tonight XD and might go out for supper with her later…. for some fatty food XD

Remember to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, there are many moments but you only live one life.

God bless everyone, Have a Wonderful Week!

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