TRUST = US but now is RUST

Recently, I’ve been really busy packing up and catching up with my Chinese mates those who are leaving for China quite a quality time we had there. I, myself is going away too for a month then I will be back to settle the school stuff again and submit the report. I can’t wait to get away for a bit spend sometime with my family and friends back at home. Flying off tomorrow in fact;) and I’m still up packing and getting ready 😀

I came across something really disturbing; someone…..I thought I could trust again, someone I’ve always had faith in and never once I failed to forgive for all he has done. I was totally speechless when I saw that stuff…All along I wanted to make things clear if we are or we are not exclusive; ‘cos if we are then I really would be so pissed about it otherwise. Seem like those things were pretty clear; just like the wise old saying – actions speak louder than words – always true isn’t it. I’m not sure if that person knows how to spell the word 
“T R U S T” 
because if he doesn’t he might as well consider going back to Kindergarten again or if its too late then reincarnation would be the best for him. 

Oh well, I know the usual saying ” I could find anyone much better than you any time and any where if I want to”, yeah..well fuck it go find one then, WALK THE TALK. I don’t need any more bullshit from you, with all the lies and empty promises really put me off BIG TIME and I rather am feeling pretty numb and tired with you right now. 

Don’t always think I wanna hear all the soppy lovey dovey thingy; truth is I just want to make thing clear, if not, then please….. for crying out loud…stop wasting your time since you’ve already voiced out that I’m nothing better. You may like to play your game but I don’t like to play game, I know I’m a boring nerd (as you always whinged) but so what if I’m gonna be single and no one wants me? I don’t give a FLYING FUCK. 

All I wanted from you was for you to be Honest with me, because I have been honest with you. Because I thought and Hope that I could slowly build back the Trust again. I think I got the best answer slapping me on my face now. The distance already made me feel better, now that you’re not in the hood, but like I said “The Leopard will NEVER changes its Spot” so best is……. I have to let the Leopard run freely with his free Willy back into the jungle where all the Wild animals are together to tear off each other’s meat. I should just let the animal do the animal thing, because I would probably never going to understand…

I’m glad I’ve done my part, I gave it my best shot and I’m pretty pleased with everything because what I’ve done came from my heart,But I guess I’ve got more than I gave…which is the whole chunk of ….

Trust = instead of Tr(us)t but it is now T(rust)

Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart. 
God Bless you. 

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