Food, Booze & People (13-14 May’11)

Probably not the greatest night out due to the rubbish weather in Bangkok, it’s been raining all day even until about 9ish when I was heading out to meet my girlfriend, but I still managed to get out of my zone.

First stop, ‘course! Dinner, we went to Khaosan Centre for a Quick rather fashionably late dinner due to the pouring out ther ;( better late than never. Yah we didn’t wanna get ourselves wet so decided to wait until the rain stopped for a bit….

Within 30 minutes we managed to finished up the 3 dishes, gosh we were so famished!! then we headed back on the street, walked around for a bit, then decided to go back to our favourite bucket place and had just one bucket of “Thailand Fantasy” Woot Woot! yeah strong and deadly but delish!!!

After the Bucket place, we basically been bar hopping all night until we partied out and decided to go home… well let see how many….

First stop….
The Club, there was some sort of event going on – “I Love House Music”, but we were too late for the red carpet πŸ˜›
Music was good, DJ was really cool, it was massive in there πŸ˜‰

That’s all for tonight – Thanks The Club, You been wicked!!

Next stop……
a quick hello at Gulliver for Gin Tonic & Whisky sour (>>_<<)

Byezzz >>_<<

The last place of the night….Gazebo well my friend wanted to go and I’ve not been there for a year now I guess. So I think its time for me to return and a quick hello to some old friends there would be nice πŸ˜‰

We had like from Beer to cocktail, whisky, and wow! it was massive and I can hardly remember what we had, surprisingly I wasn’t pissed at all. I got home and slept well πŸ˜‰ but I did stay up for a bit, just to pray for the Big Ben πŸ˜‰


The 2nd Night….

Shamrock Irish Pub, just above Khaosan Center. Nice music just chill out, easy peasy – well still the weather was really rubbish been raining all night :(( We had a bot of beer at Shamrock and decided to go somewhere. Basically first time I’m taking my short Bob haircut out ;)) and my friend gone glam and semi-street chic, I would say.

You’d been great Shamrock ;))) cheers!


We decided to walk around the street to see what’s there for us, well basically the whole place was rather quiet, with the pouring rain, and the ongoing political and upcoming election; yeah shitty isn’t it?

We crossed over to Rambutri road, a lit’bit more quiet and more relaxing, sort of like Bistro semi cafe with pool table  and this is where we found our new love love 
“Strawberry Mojito”
It was really yum! we’ve never tried something like this or we normally just go for the original one. Mojito here just reminded me of the Mojito at Cuba Libre CafΕ½ & Bar” Clarke Quay, Singapore….Gosh can’t wait to go back there…

We had a good chat and enjoyed our Strawberry Mojito, but we got a bit bored so decided to walk over to Gazebo; Yeah need to sweat off that last bit of Alcohol from last night :))

Had a great chill out and enjoy the conversation, the music in Gazebo on Saturday night was simply massive! crowded but not to the point you can’t walk or dance, met with some old friends and it was good to meet them and caught up for a bit talking about things…you know.

My friend’s leaving on Sunday evening and I got a bit tired kinda worn-out by talking to those 2 losers that we met and some other prick who was pushing me, so decided to come out chill for a bit before to going home. It was massive and really fun to hang out with her again after not seeing her for about 3-4 months. Hopefully, we’ll get to gang-up with another friend in Chiang Mai, organise some sort of Slumber party before she leave for France. Well if we don’t then we will not get to see her for another 3 months!!! Good ol’ 3 Months eh

Just realised I’m more happier now that things are slowly unfolded itself, really looking forward to go home and see my family. As for my non-existing love life – lets keep fingers crossed and let see what happen. I know what I want and I know which direction I’m going but I’m not sure if he does. 

God Bless you all.

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