Where should I begin now?

Exams Over, Almost done with school, and of course I can’t wait to open a new chapter of my life. The Big Ben has gone home, my another Belgian friend is moving back, my Chinese friends are going back on the 20th, everybody’s going away from Thailand. 

Not sure whether I should be sad or happy or elated, probably not going to moan though I know I should just do it a little tiny bit.The Big Ben has gone home, and on the very same night when he was waiting for his flight at BKK airport, I was out with my girl friend who just arrived in Bangkok from Chiang Mai, she wanted dinner and hang out, I’ve not seen her for like 3-4 months approximately. So yeah I wasn’t sure if I should be sad or happy about his departure but I realised one thing. I do feel empty and I really miss having him drunk-calling me early in the morning, I missed having a fight with him and I miss having him flashing on my phone once in a while. 

Next would be my girl friend leaving for France for maybe 3 months? We were talking about the sleepover party or PJs party over at her place before she leave, and of course right before I leave. Another friend of mine, is moving back to Belgium, okay sad for his girlfriend, who is also my friend. Sigh……….

As for my Chinese friends, the 2 Master program students are going back to Gui Zhou, China, and I will sure miss them heaps, they are so fun to be with, smart, nerdy, geeky and of course they have big heart! XD. I’m gonna miss having Chinese Hot Pot with them and the Chinese food they brought from home. Awwww…. but its all right I have them on my QQ now =D

We’re all growing up, growing out and well it’s time to move on to another chapter in life, just like writing a whitepage report. I still don’t know what’s going to happen but I know for sure that somewhere somehow, at some point you gotta start somewhere…it’s either now or never. At some point where my life is turning, a tiny corner of my heart, he’ll always be there, I always have faith in him and I believe in him, for God know reason. I do love him. I’m just not sure what gonna happen from now on, so best I leave it to God and work on the part that I could. No pressure, No rules, No Good bye, He told me “Who knows”, he told me to be strong, I know for sure, when I go back to Singapore I will miss him even more than what I feel now. The weirdest thing is, I can’t cry, can’t seem to express myself, I just don’t know….feel a bit weird at this point of time.

For now I have to start moving my stuff out of the dorm, send stuff back to Chiang Mai and some stuff donate away and then I will be free, hopefully I will pass my final exams and everything works out as planned. 

Even though at this point of time, I do feel so Empty, but somehow I gotta start moving and sort out my own life, and hope that someday our paths will cross again. 

Lets keep fingers crossed for me….

Have a great Sunday people and if you love someone do let them know everyday, cherish them now before they’re gone, so You won’t regret later on. 

God Bless you all. 

Love x

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