The Big Ben’s Birthday VS The Royal Wedding

Happy Labour Day!!!! to everyone around the world? 🙂 Have a Great day off cos you deserve it!

Ok..let’s get down the business….

Nightmare I must say, I wanted to surprise him but I failed big time… it was funny at first but then it gets rather too intense. I should have just stay put and watch the Royal wedding on TV rather than to go all the way to do something for someone who will never appreciate me. Later on things became clear to me. 

Nevertheless, I must thank the lady-boss from Sunset Sunrise bar for making the Birthday Barbie for the Big Ben and get it going until quite late, yeah and we got really pissed when the police came in and asked to close the bar. Dang!

I decided to doll up just a tiny bit for the Big Ben, Well not that great but something a little special for this boy. I’m not sure if he’s lucky to share the birthday with the royal wedding. We had fun went out for a drink with couple of friends and some friends, came home got sick and really deadly just wanna be in bed… 

I watched the Royal wedding during the day, it was really lovely and romantic, maybe because I love the Old building, antique design and just the Church in general. Also the BBQ was lovely, Thank to the lady-boss for making all the dishes and prep everything on my behalf, I was still in hair salon doing my hair that time… but I did make it up to her though, I help grilled the Barbie during the night…

The Big Ben is going home soon and I’m gonna miss him heaps…so this is the least I can do for you sweetie….

“Happy Birthday to you again Baby xoxo The Big Ben 英国老表 hehehe God Bless you, may this year be a great year to look forward to, May all your wishes come true, health & Wealth. Love you Long time Big Ben xoxo God Bless you.”


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