Songkran 2011 in Chiang Mai with "The Big Ben"

Needless to explain how massive it was for Songkran this year, but I still think that last year was way better. There wasn’t as many people as I’ve expected and it was quite a horrendous Songkran IMO at least…. I didn’t enjoyed it much this year except the great company like the Big Ben hehe…I met some nice people, made new Chinese friends, it was all right! but seriously I think maybe because I’m done with the fun and the life in Thailand, same ol, same ol and I got sick of it.. that’s pretty much explained. 

ME & Pu

The Big Ben & His friends

The Big Ben & His friend and his Lil Mate…

Spent most of my time at Sunset Sunrise bar, it was a nice place, with good ambience nice music and cool people…I guess.

Anyway Songkran was a bollocks! I think this will be my last year for Songkran in Chiang Mai. I’m glad that I get to spend time with the Big Ben, though I know I’m sort of pain in his arse ^_^ I know I’m too annoying đŸ˜› 

Will miss ya Big Ben, xxxx

God Bless everyone, Amen!


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