Pictures from ASEAN Festival

Right, I know I owed pictures and stuff to my own blog, I have been well-busy with school and someone very special. For the past few months I’ve been traveling back and fourth a lot and that got me pretty down because I’m like working hard on keeping this and I don’t want to miss a Single moment with The Big Ben or 英国佬表! hahah I love that shit!

All right here we are……

Getting ready for the Big Event of the course LOL…

P Mon & P Chud 

Like the hairdo 🙂
Great finished product! 

 Backstage getting ready for the opening…
Morning Formal Opening Ceremony – MC

The opening speech by our Guest speaker – The Director of Department of Trade and Negotiations, Thailand 

The opening performance “Hand in Hand” 
The Colourful ending of the “Hand in Hand” performance designed and choreographed by our very own students. Nongnuch and Omi ^_^

We had the ASEAN exhibition during the day, and more information, provided by the booths and gift from the Department of Trade and Negotiations. It was a good event and we all must say that we’ve been working really hard for this so…it was all good.

Ahh! I’m all ready!

evening gown – All prep and ready to rock ‘n roll 

Me & Nit

With another Great Lady I’ve met in my life

with my favourite Lady

All set for the show tonight 🙂

Backstage. MC – Good to Go ^_^

Night program: 
We had guest performance; student from Faculty of Architectures, come join us and give us the Drum performance, composed & design the tune by himself.. hmm it was quite good I must say…catchy, lively and upbeat too!

Opening drum play
then followed by…

Then we had the Filippino dance
Of course Highlight of this event is – none other than Indian Performance…our girls pull it off really well, it was the best dance besides the Opening performance…

Then The Chinese Song & Lion Dance…
Chinese performance, with Lion dance and I was the guest Star in singing the Song Tian mi mi by our Late Legendary Teresa Teng rght after James Ye, as he was doing Si Nian shi Yi zong Bing by Zhang Zheng Yue. Quite a Fun night yet exhausted I must admit.

Thai Laos, Som Tum Dancing –  of course after the performance we got to eat the real Authentic Som Tum Laos! It was yum!! SERIOUSLY! That night the only thing I love was Food, beef steak, Satay, Sushi and Som Tum! too bad I was the MC and my co-host Kevin, always sneaked off whenever he could to enjoy the yummy food 😦 I was the hungry MC one.

Som Tum and all the goodies!!!

This is how we rock!

Korean Girl group – Vanilla Kiss

Another guest performance: From Faculty of communication arts (Closing ceremony)

Voting for the “Star of the night”
The event ended smoothly as planned, We decided to go to Sivatel Hotel, Newly open hotel on sukhumvit road for a great beer, some sports bar, just to chill out have a beer and chit chat with a couple of close friends. Voila Voila! 

Thank God for all the great job, and the amazing outcome, WE Have worked so hard for this and I’m glad that it’s all over now! Phewwww!!! Great Job everyone!


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