what…when… & the Upcoming event

I’ve been well busy with school, preparation for the BIG Event for our Final semester as a student, Our Senior Project: “ASEAN Become ONE”, Which will be held at Sripatum International College (new building), Exhibition Hall 1, on April 5, 2011. I will be the host for this event! Kidna excited though, as it is my first time to host such a party…

As for my personal life, I’ve been through some sort of Emotional Turbulent for a bit, but I survived, Alive and kicking as always. I guess there was just a bit of different perspective on things, and cross-cultures going on, God! also I’ve experienced the earthquake here in Bangkok, as we all know that there was an earthquake occurred in Myanmar, our neighbour country. It was quite bad in the northern part of Thailand; Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai experienced quite a quake and even after-shocked. 

Right one by one shall we?

I was sort of seeing someone (according to my last post) and well there was some misunderstanding, as my own point of view toward relationship is kinda delicate, I must admit that I’m sort of ultra-sensitive towards Loyalty, Faithfulness, and Trust; I’m a Major Fan of those. I mean it was really embarrassing for me(I won’t go into detail though), I felt hurt and betrayed at one point and I couldn’t get over the fact of, “Why? Why must you do it behind my back? if you have no hidden agenda, why not in front of me with your clear conscious?”  
It wasn’t anything serious (just yet) but it was about one’s principle…I will not preach unless I could do it. So “Practice what you preach” always been my reminder before begin I open my mouth and preach someone. It wasn’t anything serious but still, I hope it WILL NOT happen again. After this emotional turbulent, my trust level has gone down quite a fair bit, but don’t you worry, I still have faith in you lizard.

What I’ve learn from this: Sometimes ones action/speech could be driven by alcohol+subconsciousness = irrational acts. I pretty much learned that alcohol boost up your courage to do things that you will never expect yourself to do when you are sober, because when you stay dry; you tend to think about what’s good and bad, but when you have alcohol running in your blood stream, you often don’t think because alcohol will cause your emotion to work its way out as you might have seen most drunkards acting like a total prick when they are drunk. So Cheers to Jamie Foxx“Blame it on…..” 

I forgive any way. Just don’t do it again, otherwise…

After Tsunami in Japan, I felt quite alarmed and fear for what’s going to happen to the world, which is quite similar to what I’ve read in the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation. Then come earthquake in Myanmar, on the Thai border, Where 6.8 magnitude quake struck last Thursday, killed 150 people and leave thousands of people homeless. The quake that struck the eastern Myanmar also affected the Thai border as there was 1 death, a 53 years old lady who was trying to get out of her house when the quake hits, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai province. I was quite worried for my best friend’s welfare as she is living just 4 alley away from the border, but later she updated on facebook which put me off the worry mode.

Chiang Mai and other provinces neaby were also affected by the earthquake this time,and it was pretty bad, even in Bangkok could felt it! Actually I felt the quake from my dorm too as I was sleeping, but got woken up by the dizziness and shakiness, thought I was sick or something. Thank God there was no death or casualties. 

I have a lot to prepare for this upcoming event, been trying on some costumes, and involved with the girls for the rehearsal, I’m so happy to have such a good leader like Nong Nuch & Nong Omi, They are really great boss  đŸ˜‰  

I will be wearing one of the National Costume….that I will have to keep it a secret.. =X

Coming up…….Pictures and more details.

Until then.

God Bless Everyone and May peace be with you.



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