The Roller Coaster Trip

Had a great 2 weeks in Chiang Mai and a short trip to Chiang Rai with him, I would say this trip really gave me something to think about; I need to come back and re-assess about the whole situation, whatever he has done to me and what I’ve done to him. I seriously need it…re-look at everything between you and me. 

This trip filled with tears, laughters, peace, and joy – well to me sounds like a normal life when you are with another individual person you need to adapt, adjust and compromise isn’t it? I don’t hope for everyday life to be like happy-go-lucky, or living in Lala Land, cos that would be a total absurd fantasy island…

Emotionally Exhausted…. what happened was something that I see no wrong on my side, I deserve a sincere apology, I have not done you wrong, I have never gone physical with anyone whether with or without any intention. But You did it, I’m hurt and I didn’t wanna talk about it.

We had a good chat, good laugh, while having beer at John’s place. Sometimes good laugh when we’re just chilling in playing computer games. 

I always find peace in you and I love to watch when you’re asleep. You appeared to be calm and collective, you may like to keep all the things to yourself but I know deep down inside you’re kind, though sometimes you can be like volcano that ready to explode anytime, but that’s normal isn’t it

I’m not sure about you but I know I enjoyed being with you the ups and downs that happened in 2 weeks was just amazing, its help me evaluate my own feeling, re-assessed the pros and cons in giving myself the answer of the possibilities. 

All in all out – The best part of it all, is being able to be next to someone who own a special place in your heart and making the best out of the situation, in sickness or in health – At least I know that I have tried my best even if things don’t work out for us both. 

However I found out how you feel about me and that’s the best part of this trip. Thank you for those amazing time together. It’s Definitely one of the worth hopping on Roller Coaster. 

With Love xoxo

God Bless you xoxo

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