School Break…

School have been really getting on my nerves with the shitty system and the screwed up timetable on my own, put asides my personal life for a moment –  That is what I’m really talking about. I get pretty work up with this semester, and the senior project really get me going a lil’ mental in there. 

Now that I’m done with Midterm exam and I’m thrilled to find out, I’ll be having 10 days break from school! YAY!!! I’m not going any where exciting, simply back to Chiang Mai again and getting some stuff done for momsy. 

Well…Now that I’m in Chiang Mai; Nothing much I can do here, I just missed the food and the  area, cos you could simply walk around almost every where. Unlike in Bangkok; Bad traffic and you gotta go “out” for chillax and stuff. I will also be spending some quality time with this very special some 1; I’m not sure what to say much though, I think he knows he’s a great person & I kinda like what I see and feel so far. Not expecting much, just want to let the nature take it course; I hate the rush, I hate the honeymoon period, I don’t like the promotion period, I like to let thing flows naturally…I like real stuff – if you know what I mean.

Honestly speaking; I’m not even sure of anything much but all I know is “I wanna make the best out of the time I spend with him, I don’t wanna regret anything later on, just wanna enjoy the moment” you know…

I guess this person could somehow bring out the best and the worst in me – for some weird reason I found peace and serenity in him and I just feel so relaxed around him.. I can be myself fully and I can act all silly and give no shit. I feel really comfortable with the current situation. 

I cut back on party; nightlife a lot, getting old I guess, and all I love to do is lounge in, watch some TV, cooking show is my love, I don’t know just not really in the mood to dress up or party anymore.

Pretty boring life uh?

I started thinking more about my life my future and my goal in life more than I was before. I wanna travel and see the world, but first of course I need to work, then family speaking of which I need to see my family back in Singapore I definitely need to do that, I have not seen them for almost 2 years now. I missed home cooked meal and just togetherness with my family. 

Will update the pictures from Chiang Mai once I get those pics.

As for Japan…You’re in my prayer, hang in there and I’m sure everything going work out just fine like Phuket back then. Everything gonna be All right…Again.

World Peace x

God Bless the World xoxo

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