Beautiful Disaster…

I can hear myself screaming out loud from the inside

searching for the right thing to comfort my soul
but how am I to know what is right or wrong
when the wrong feels so good 
it could be a crime…

Trying to rescue me from myself
from falling deep into the trap of the unknown
this beautiful mess is shattered 
and jaded but ain’t giving up…

In this crazy world when you thought you had it all
but does it mean anything without the one you
truly love?

The beautiful disaster is the intangible happiness
bitter, poisonous, intoxicated yet sweet

I can hear myself screaming out loud for help 
“please save me from falling” but no one could hear me…
I guess its time to take the high road
whether to take it or leave it…

It is fucked up I know and we both knew…
I am mentally exhausted, yet not giving up
Feel like a racing car that has been running over 1000 miles
without making any pit-stop…
without any special care…
yet still have to keep on racing…

Stubborn as a bull but you know best what you could be
I saw something good in you
You saw something in me…

But still I’m not the one…

I’m crying inside…but that doesn’t mean I’m weak
It’s not easy for me to let down my guard completely
but you made it happen…

I may sound like Mucuna pruriens in your life
You may sound like a scorpion in mine…

But still….

The beauty of it all….
You’re not perfect so am I…

I’m messed up but in the process of growing up…
You’re grown up but in the process of becoming 

A Better Person…For your future Better Half.

This sounds so messy but still…

It is a Beautiful Disaster….

Cheers to 1 Year of knowing each other – Dickhead XD

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