Back from my Ego Trip

I had a great time during my holiday— Wayyyyyy toooo much fun booze and everything. Now I think my body seriously need to recuperate from all those crazy nights out. I’m all good but recovering haha…

Seriously I didn’t know what got into me during New Year Eve; I actually told that particular person he won the war or whatever he wanna called it. I think he might be right about something because it takes a bastard to see another bastard am I right Pap? 

Anyway I felt great after I unloaded off those issues, still I would like to think that he has no right to say anything about someone who he “Claimed” to know inside-out when he actually doesn’t even know what he wants. Everyone has his or her own perspective…that I really strongly believe and will never try to change anyone’s point of view about me. However this person is seriously impossible to talk to you in a nice way. Oh wait I noticed something.

1. He could mock about your feeling when you let your guard down, but you could never mock about his feeling. Double Standard

2. He thought I have myself walled-up and never let down my guard. The fact is He has issue with putting his wall up against ME

3. He said I confused him and send him crazy as well as myself; ermm…excuse me how about yourself?? have you ever thought you have never been cleared with me or even with yourself

4. You’re Old but about Wise…hmmm I’m not very positive about that. Duh! actions speak louder than words

5. I know it is TOO LATE for me to tell you after a year how I felt about you – but that didn’t mean I expect anything to happen because as you mentioned “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW YOU”

6. I can take it easy with you – But you can never take it easy, you never spilled even a word about your feeling and did I say anything about it? Yes & No & I Gave UP

7. Really wanna know why I blew my top at you when you asked me to do something for ya? Ans: Go back think about the girl who took your called and the empty promise you gave. It doesn’t matter if I were mental or not, as a matter of fact if you are real MAN you will know how to handle this without hiding under the girl’s skirt. I know I am a mean BITCH so Are you Mister. I can forget about those, but seriously if I were to forget about my ego for one moment that would be the moment I came out of the closet and confessed everything to you – didn’t expect the answer to be “Been watching Love Actually Are we?” Sarcasm and Mental comment like this, Cheap Appreciation. You just think that you’re too smart and too good for someone, yeah To hell with that I ain’t smart enough…So what? 

Sorry you have problem with your Self-Esteem, SORRY YOU CAN’T HANDLE ME AND I’m sorry that its a disease to you, 

LASTLY…I am so Sorry…..


I’ve learned that if you truly love someone; you must be able to accept all of that person not just the beautiful part, the fun part and the thrill of chasing but you also must be able to accept the ugly part of that person because we are all human being, we aren’t perfect. 

Love the goods and the bads in that person and learn to appreciate them the way they are – it’s hard I know but what if you really love someone….

Run away?


Leave it as it is….thinking this is the best of it all without giving it a try and forget about the ego trip and wait until that person lays in coffin then burn the joss-stick and tell that someone arh?

anyway whatever –  just rambling 😛

I went on my ego trip knowing it was too late for me to tell him how I feel and I gave it my best shot. I knew he has never felt the same way as I did or Do whatever…..but still that was my New Year Present 🙂 I love it!

I wish him all the best and Good luck with everything in his life.

Well…I’m done here. 

God Bless you



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