Chiang Mai – Random night out with girlies

1 January 2011! What a great day to begin with!
1. Bad Hangover
2. Missed the bus & gotta buy a new ticket

Okay…What next? 

Arrived at Doi Saket approximately about 4:45 pm was standing at the bus stop or rather the shop selling clothes near the market that the bus will usually stop for passengers….I was there  standing all the way until 5 almost 6 pm…surprisingly I wasn’t upset at all πŸ™‚

Got back to aunt’s place started packing the main luggage and took some then headed out to the city again πŸ˜› 

Went back to the hotel checked in and yay! let my night begin! called up all my friends and lets hit the bar for some beer πŸ˜‰ I’m in need of one or two. We decided to go to the rooftop bar again for a beer but I figured we all seemed pretty tired as we didn’t have enough sleep for the past few days…so yeah we didn’t really do much but I do have some pictures of the next day after the drink πŸ˜‰

It was 2 pm but I still go for breakfast – Num Prik Oong Northern food

Enjoyed my Beal fruit tea at walking street at 3 pm
Chillaxed while waiting for Pi Fame & Dinner

The following night Pi Ant came back from Singapore

Lovely to see you again ka sis *Heart*

Pi Ant just came back from Singapore a few days ago, I’m glad that we caught up before I leave. We had a great time together catching and despite her hectic schedule with works and errands….she’s the best πŸ™‚

We had a quick dinner but promised we’ll do something tomorrow night before I leave because I seriously in need of sleep and to be off from Alcohol for a night – I tried though…

I’ve got a bad breakouts and seriously put on weight…I looked like shit and feel like dead person walking…so I really think she was right – I need sleep –

5 January 2011 – Farewell Dinner & t Beer night out with friends

I went out for Moo Ga Ta – Thai BBQ Hot Pot with me cousin again, before headed out to meet Pi Ant and her friend at The Riverside. Bleh I felt like I can’t take any more alcohol and not really feeling energetic…still I gotta put on the heels and they will give me the power… yeah I went anyway. 

Moo Ga Ta next to Ping River with all the lights and dΓ©cor is my kinda dinner except for I  was having it with my cousin -_-” better than nothing right….

Done at the Moo Ga Ta place by 9 almost 10 pm and I gotta rush back to take a shower and doll up for the night… Gosh I just realised that I have not been looking after myself for donkey year! I mean literally I just let myself be so laid back and don’t even care about my ruined nails polish? how could that be? yeah so I gotta rush like a Maniac!

We ended the night at Zoe in Garden as the girls need to work early in the morning where as for me I needed to go get change into something more comfy – I can’t be wearing heels all night long eh?…

So we ended up at the bar right in the small alley next to Spicy we been playing pool, cards, and chit chat about the books and the plans. It’s my farewell night and it ended at 7ish that morning. 

I went back to the hotel straight away crashedddddddd big time – sleepy as hell!
woke up at 3ish pm went out for massage and food then beers with my friends, we’re just gonna have a low key farewell chit chat until I have to leave for the bus station. 

I felt like crying at the point when I was on the way as the Tuk Tuk drove me out of the city, I wanna cry so bad; Chiang Mai just really a place where I would remember forever. There are bad times and good times here… 

where there’s a pricks indsguised hid themselves really well here and you wouldn’t know what Bastardized guy could be a nice little sensitive warmth hearty chaps. 

All boiled down into – He’s still a DICK!

The Leopard never change it’s spots.

Well –  As the bus leaving Chiang mai my eyes were closed I’m sure all the memories will be washed away in no time πŸ˜‰

And Hello My New Chapter of Life & Hello We Meet Again Bangkok!

It’s New Year, so there’ll be New Me and of course….New Man (MEN) HAHAHA

Happy New Year Everyone! 

May God Bless you all and May Peace be with you πŸ˜‰




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