Chiang Mai Day 4 & 5 – Good bye Chiang Mai & Hello Lampang

I had a great time in the city and my mum been calling, asking if I ever spent a night at aunt’s place – Honestly Momsy neh I never – Been busy staying in the city and partying my holiday away LOL that was my honest answer.

I have been having a crazy time in the city and later on realised I needed to go to Grandma’s place in Lampang; My family in Singapore passed the X’mas & New Year Pressies for me since my mum’s cousin is coming back for a visit. So yeah gotta go back to see that sad little pussy face. He’s such a schmuck! well I won’t say much but he is a totally bitch really – used to be close to us all but seem like wealth and power changed people. He became a stranger to our family or maybe just me?

Enough of that piece of meat –

Anyway as I woke up with a great headache and bad hangover and later decided to leave Chiang mai abruptly on 29 December 2010 cos I wanted to spend New Year Eve with the grand parents and Great Granny is mad cute I missed her! 

Check out from the hotel went straight to the bus station and got ripped off price of VIP bus ticket to Mae Kha Chan and found myself at the bus station there alone. Left Chiang Mai around 4:15 pm arrived at the place like 6 pm, called grandpa as I couldn’t get another bus into the village HAHAHA Major Headache! and bad Hangover still!

while waiting for uncle to pick me up had a yummy Wontan Noodle soup in a cold night

As I walked around I saw something weird…..

it was on the foot path hmmm so I’m thinking…

Last minute trip and last minute driver (my uncle) came pick me up. So basically got home like around 7 pm 🙂 but yay! I’m safe and sound and I kinda like getting lost nowadays 😛
I arrived at Grandma’s place and immediately went to my great granny 🙂 BIG HUG BIG KISSES planted on my cheeks! this is what I love the most about seeing her. She stayed up till pretty late that night as my grandma went to Phayao with her Youngest sister for some visit I don’t know…. 

Then Great Granny was asking me “You come alone or with you Husband?” I was like “LOL! BIG TIME! This is funny! So I told her I’m alone and I don’t have husband or boyfriend with a big smile on my face”

Grandpa got woken up by my noisy chit chat with great granny…just in time for some pictures 🙂 together with my cousins

went back out to continue the beer session with uncle until my grandma came back and then I continue on my own again….the drinking….

I had like 6 beers with my uncle-in-law that night – feel Great to be home!
Oh! My mum been calling me nonstop; weird eh since she knew that I’m here safe and sound, wondered why she still calling a lot – think her phone bill in Singapore can buy me ticket back liao lah XD Still…I love you to bit mum!

30 December 2010

Woke up like in the afternoon – Brrrr! Lampang So much colder than in Chiang Mai XD I don’t wanna get outta bed! Can I stay in please.

Woke up had Brunch and then took motorbike out to the market to get my supplies (Internet top up and Fags) and booked my return ticket to Chiang Mai….Done and I’m going back on the 1 Jan 2011 XD can’t wait

then stop by the market for grandma as she needed some veggies to make “Jor Pak Kad” soup for me the next day 😉 but I couldn’t resist it so did she – we decided to make the soup that evening XD Awesome! I’m such a princess and that’s not good. It’s once in a while so it should be alright mate 😛

back from the market 🙂

Done with the market and stuff, I took the motorbike out again to visit the rest of my relatives that I haven’t seen them for a long time. I also went to see my Xiao Uncle 🙂 My mum’s cousin’s son. oh! this is complicated…. He’s very very adorable yet shy towards me.

After a nice catch up, Not so nice for me I mean…they put sort of pressure on me like; 

“when are you going to finish with your school? do you have a boyfriend now? when are you going to get married? how old are you this year and why are you still alone? look at your cousin, he got married and a son now (-_-“) “

This is a torture and a very tough answer to give one! All those have never crossed my mind at this point of time –  just yet…. I just don’t think anyone could handle me that’s all I said to them….

Peace out and I’m off home to grandma for dinner and be a couch potato after a really stressful conversation. 

Slept quite early that night cos my tummy was filled and I’m happy with the TV program I was watching with cousin. It nice to just lay there and do nothing, catch up with my third cousin and she’s brilliant very diligent girl!

31 December 2010 – New Year Eve Family Feast BBQ & Hot Pot

My Aunt arrived today and Grandma gonna go over to town to pick her up then they gonna stop by at the market to pick up all the fresh veggies and ingredients for the evening feast. This is my first time to be home with them during New Year Eve, I was in Guang Zhou last year I mean from 20 Dec 2009 – 2 Jan 2010, so this is my first time in the north for NYE and Christmas…Kinda fun actually…

3rd Aunt

Aunts told me that there will be a community concert and some kids singing competition tonight at the Community centre nearby our house so feel free to drop by after done with 2 dozens or beer with all the fellows 😛

I walked over to the Community park with my cousin who just arrived later that night as he was riding motorbike from Chiangmai to Home! For God sake! I was a bit tipsy but not drunk – I was over the mood because the family was so much fun we had great food, good laugh and somewhat talked about my late father – that made me feel sad a little…
community concert in the village for the NYE

 caught up with one of the lady who is a friend of my mum back in her younger day she’s now married to a French guy 🙂

I didn’t know what time it was but grandma sort of came over to the bench and asked me to go home so I told her I will go back with Decha my cousin 😛 Cheeky one he knew I was gonna continue drinking, its funny when we were the only 3 persons at the time, engaged in conversation using English and a bit of French! 

Believe me even if you can’t speak, Alcohol will makes you speak it up! 😛 I no nothing about French even though I’m learning in school but –  still clueless 
Walked over the stage a bit to look for some of my mum’s cousin’s friends who I knew back then when I was little; we went to the same boarding school taught by the French Missionary in Chiang Rai Province…Gosh he has gone from Good looking to erm…Old I mean yeah of course we all grow older everyday right?

Went home with Decha around 2 am God pretty Drunk, The French couple gave me Leo beer mixed with Chang Beer, and I can’t take Chang but I also can’t say no to it 😦

1 January 2011 – Happy New Year!!!

Woke up with a bad hangover at 10 am and I forgot that I have to leave at 11:30 am for Chiang Mai and I think I’m fucked totally – Running late and still wanna be so dilly dailly man….

Cousin sent me out of the house by 11:25 am yeah I know the bus usually comes later than the expected time so I wasn’t so worried about it…

Taaa Daaa….

The counter told me the bus left at exactly 11:30 and I was late by just 5 minutes 😦 she even gave me a lecture saying I should be there 20 minutes before the boarding time. Sorry I read at the back of the ticket it didn’t say anything and the other day when I came over to booked the ticket she never mentioned such a thing to me…So now I gotta buy a new ticket Fuck her!
My cousin decided to take me back to grandma’s place to take a shower and have lunch before come back out again. I did and my grandparents were like “hahahah You missed the bus! told you not to drink so much and not to wake up so late” yeah right 🙂 but its ok though they had a good laugh at me. 

Had lunch and a good talk then I left early now. I left for Chiang Mai on 1:45 pm bus, for fuck sake this time round the bus was late by 15 minutes and yeah whatever I gotta go back to Chiang Mai anyway and I will figure my way out from there….

Something I learned: Don’t get drunk before you board the bus or the plane or worst the boat – You gonna have hella time during your journey -_-“
Off I go! Good bye Lampang I had a great time with y’all! Love you to bit!

Hola Chiang Mai! 
To be continued…


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