Chiang Mai Day 3 – Chillaxed one

27 December 2010 – Chillaxed at Euro Diner

Been Partying a lot lately – That’s the point of being on a holiday right? I feel like I kinda need this one to be good and I gotta feeling that this is going to be GREAT one!

Well Woke up around 1 pm, walked over to diner place to get myself breakfast at Lunch which I’ve never tried before and I really love this lazy afternoon with nice weather and lovely company πŸ™‚

I had myself a set of breakfast with my favourite scrambled eggs and nice cuppa coffee and watermelon juice, had book in my hand and iPhone with me to keep me update and on the go with music and news on my whatever social networks πŸ˜‰ I’m a foodie, Geek, and a Nerd – How’s that for something to admit?

The opposite Euro Diner – Good View eh?
I was sitting at the Euro Diner for until 2 pm then, my friend and I decided to move to Kafe 1985, on Moon Muang soi 5 for some tea and coffee session on top of that we had a great conversation about his upcoming book! Pi Oy dropped by to say a quick hello and talk to me a bit about my trip to visit my granny, also what we gonna do for NYE, she then left.
I was waiting waiting and waiting…..for “the time”

Tick Tock……
Tick Tock……

4 pm
It’s My Beer O’clock! Ah Maximum love! XD We decided to walk over to John’s place again to catch up with some friends, too lazy to walk over to the other side of Thapae Gate plus we agreed to meet with them there at 5 pm so yeah why not!

We were there for about an hour, Thibaut decided to come over join us for Dinner and Beers, actually he wanted to take me to Zoe to try the pizza there but I think we were sort of not in the mood to leave that soon so – yah Sorz Thibaut 

Cute & Kinda Rock?


Thibaut & his Sexy Cheer

I tried his Cheer Sexy Cocktail – I still prefer my Beer!

and he said Whatever!

We were actually watching football that night can’t remember who was playing but I remember around Midnight Thai time – Barcelona was playing so we walked to a nearby place around Reggae Alley to watch the Match. We knew that Barcelona was gonna win for sure so I wasn’t quite sure why we even watched that game. 

Again my night didn’t end just there – We all went to Zoe for a chillaxed session OMG this is nightmare –  what a routine! Thibaut decided to leave as he needed to run some errands so yeah just me and my Greek friend. 

We had a great conversation as usual over beers and of course people-watching our favourite hobbies!

Later on a lovely – neh I would say Gorgeous lady came over to ask me for a light…and of course I wouldn’t say NO to such a gorgeous lady πŸ˜‰

Started out as 2 ended the night at 5ish in the morning with 3 new friends –  Oh and we also set to meet again the following night at 10 pm for a drink! Awesome! 

Went back to the hotel and fell asleep at almost 7 am……..All the way baby I need bed.
Woke up again around like late noon on 28 December, went to take bus and headed back to Bosang to get some of my clothes from aunt’s place then head back to the city. 

How come I didn’t feel tired at all? unlike when I’m in school – Feel so tired like a spastic chick! Oh Man! I want the never ending Holiday XD

28 December 2010 – The Meeting with Pi Oy, Pi Fame and The gang

Came back to my room as I know I will have to head out for light dinner with Pi Oy and Pi Fame, So decided to rest up just a bit. I felt like shit because during the day after came back from aunt’s place I went for a really good massage, whoa! this lady really can eat me head off! she knows what she was doing on my body…work it! I felt a bit like I might be coming down with fever so I decided to go out for some hot soup noodle dinner with Pi Fame & Pi Oy before the meeting at 10 at Zoe.
I was making my way back to the hotel but along the way I saw Avril there at the place next to Euro Diner, with Stephen so I stopped by had beers and chit chat with them… God they looked so serious there with bunch of books! haha interesting so we ended up had a conversation about the books and she recommended me some nice books to check out when I got back to Bangkok.

About 10ish Lakis called and asked where we were…..haha here comes trouble! Nah Joking! He’s a Legend! Too bad he doesn’t translate his Romance novel from Greek into English….

We had a few more beers before headed to Zoe in Garden and There we were from 4 of us to more of us! The more the merrier! why not!

I had another crazy night and we ended up at Spicy again with the whole crew and then back to the place for pool games all the way till 7 am – Then all the Vampires went back to bed πŸ˜›

To be continue….

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