Day 1 & 2 – Christmas 2010 in Chiang Mai

Right—- Arrived in Chiang Mai at 9 am on 25 December, Lovely weather and very very Awesome to be back here after 6 months.

Aunt arranged for taxi to pick me up as the taxi drove passed by the places in Bosang (Umbrella making District) I felt the anticipation creeping all over me head and I can’t wait to go out meet my girl friends later on for the Christmas Dinner. 

I wanted to surprise my friend who was not in Bangkok with the girls, she has been shuttle back and fourth between Chiangmai-Bangkok-Hua Hin and I thought she wasn’t going any where…this is even better than my surprise.

She’s Leaving for Singapore on 2:45 pm on 25 December 2010! WTF!?

I’m speechless – I called her like really early in the morning on that day the moment I arrived in Chiang Mai Province not Lumpoon  -_-” Damn it! I told myself

Ok Fine -_-” have fun and have a safe trip ka *heart*


I got to aunt’s place around 10 am and I got off the taxi….
the first thing she said to me
“Shit! You’ve put on weight!!!!”
I replied…
“Are You serious!? Ouch! That’s a nice line to greet your Niece!”

She then came over gave me a hug and usher me into her small little cosy house. 

She prepared some northern cuisine for me and she knew just what I loved 🙂 Later on my mum youngest sister (my 4th aunt)  came back from the Garment factory to joined us for early Lunch.

After Lunch with aunts I managed to get a hold of my girl friends and Thank God one of them was going to be in town for haircut or something…I just gotta catch the White Bus and Red Bus to see her. 

waiting for the bus to the city

I’m getting pissed the bus taking forever

First time took the white bus and red bus around the city area 😉 not so bad I kind of Love it. I went to see Pi Fame then we headed to Robinson Shopping centre near the airport for some shopping XD Pi Fame got herself lots of stuff while I got myself these Cute little thingy…I wanted to get one for Jannet my little angel who is not in Pattaya with her family…Yuppie and I got it!

Done with shopping, by that time the weather was getting colder and sky turned dark hmmm…Like it so much!

Pi Fame took me to dinner around Hang Dong area and went to get changed and get ready for the PARRTTTEYYYY Later on…

Taaa Daaaa! My outfit for the night!

We went to the Rooftop Bar opposite Thapae Gate and met with Pi Oy there to get some drink or two and chillaxed before we head to Reggae Alley.

We went to Reggae Alley for some dance; first Root Reg Rock, Pi Fame and Pi Oy met with their friends and we hopped to Zoe for another dance before their friends took their leave. Oh! I also met with my French Crew – Blah! I don’t understand a single word they were saying…but one of them could speak fluent Thai so it was good 🙂

Chris and Thibaut – The Frenchies

So done with Zoe, we then headed off to Spicy Club the meet market that open till 6 am. I can’t remember how I got back to my room but all I know was it was awesome! wicked to meet up with friends again after 6 months 🙂

26 December 2010

Woke up with really bad Hangover 😦 and Pi Oy called me later on early in the afternoon to catch up for lunch at Som Tum place near the Hotel I was staying….

Thibaut joined us for Lunch

He knows how to eat Som Tum Pu Plara too!!

Som Tum Pu Plara

Grilled Catfish with dipping sauce North East Style

Gai Yang – Grilled Chicken

Pi Oy and the Yummy Food 🙂

He actually pulled it off quite well isn’t he?

French eating Sticky rice!

The Foodie Girls

Can I eat it now?

Done with occasionally Long Lunch but my tummy was happy 🙂 we then headed to the coffee shop but Thibaut went back home as he really needed a good sleep XD

Pi Oy took me to Wawee Coffee in the buzzling road where people are setting up the vendors getting ready for the night market or Sunday Market (Walking Street) I enjoyed peoplewatching heaps with WIFI there good cuppa tea I loved it heaps!

We walked for a bit and I got myself a nice flowery Maxi Dress – Pretty awesome. We decided to go to John’s Place for Dinner

I had beers with Pi Oy but mostly she was digging in her Gung Chae Numpla – Whoa she can really eat eh?

Laab e-sarn

Tom Yum Gung in Clear Soup

Stir fried Thai Basil with Chicken

Pi Oy Left around 8:30 pm that night and so I continued with my beer on my own and Loving the weather. I also made many new friends over the beer and played pool a game or two before head out to Spicy again with my new friends then back to the hotel 🙂

To be continued.. zzzz


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