First week of School Holiday :D

This is like seriously a month late…I know but I still gotta update 😉 it was awesome my girl friends from Chiang Mai came over during my first week of holiday right after my final exams’ over XD 

Here are the pixies….with the girlies…and some other friends

1 Week before Final Exam 🙂

at The Pickled Liver

Paul & Me doing some crazy act 😉

at The Cheap Charlie’s Bar

Me & Pi Nan

She’s on the phone *wink wink*

1 Week After Exam – 

18 December 2010 – Girl friends from Chiang Mai visit

Their First Meeting

after 6 months finally she’s in BKK

Lil Chef – Sleeping

Taa daaa

3 of us

19 December 2010 – Night out 🙂

At my friend’s mini bar –  the opening day 🙂

A Very cute guy who bought me the Santarina’s Hat


Breakfast before heading to Bed is Love!

I’m gonna kill ya – open your eyes!

20 December 2010 – Night out

Thailand Paradise Cocktail

We’re Loving it!

All the Beautiful Girls


The Crew

Love Love

Aussie guy who asked us to have a shot with him on his farewell night

Some Good Food along the way before party night out

Stir Fried Tou fu with some minced pork and veggies

Tom Yum Chicken in Clear Soup

Wrapped up with home made ice-cream


Right as I promised my friends to visit them in Chiang mai ASAP once I’m done with my shitloads stuff, but first I gotta settle the course registration and not knowing my own destiny if I’m going to fail my final exams.

However I managed to get the ticket on the 25 December 2010, 11:50 pm… Christmas Day XD I’ll be on the way to Chiang Mai!!


Chiang Mai Here I come.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

God Bless you all! 


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