Loy Krathong 2010 : ลอยกระทง 2553

My Loy Krathong 2010 was very unexpected and I kind of like it very much. I had a family time with the Danish family in Pattaya. I’ve got the invitation to visit over the Weekend and it was Loy Krathong Festival! Boo Ya! I wouldn’t say No, Of course!

This time round I didn’t go all the way to Ekkamai Bus Station to take the van over to Pattaya but I heard that there’s another Bus station at Victory Monument, so I gave it a shot. Arrived at Victory Monument around 4:30 pm, traffic was madness even on Saturday late afternoon, I bought the ticket and hopped on to one of the van that said “Bangkok-Pattaya-Suttaheep”, 150 THB thats it, but the price of the ticket at this Bus station is a bit pricy by just 40 THB. The bus left the station around 5 pm it was like kinda late and I’m running behind the schedule which mean I will be late for Family dinner 😦

It took about 1 Hour 45 Minutes to get there well but I got lost along the way as I couldn’t recognized the entrance of the Soi 😦 So I went to the Navy Base and the Sutta-heep Pier XD Saw many cute Navies and They are tall dark very Fit Whoarrrrr!

Pattaya Day 1
So ended up the Driver gotta take me back to the Condominium at Jomtien Beach =X

I was right, damn! I was late for Family dinner, I got home by 7 pm but I didn’t miss out any of the yummy stuff, God Mum actually to prepared 

Riesling Spätlese and Grilled Pork with Brown Sauce and some wedges 

Mor get it all done for me, love her 🙂
taa daaa…..

Cheers to the home cooked meal!

So Happy to see Jannet again 🙂 I missed her!

Mor sat down had a wine and good talk with me 🙂

Oh! I love Home cooked food seriously I couldn’t ask for more, and after dinner, Mor took us girls out to walking street for some Loy Krathong festival that was going on around the Mall and the Beach in Center Pattaya where we be meeting with my friend for a drink or two.

Mor & Jannet getting ready for the night out 🙂

On the Song Taew to Pattaya Central 

We arrived at Central Festival err a shopping mall, then we walked over to the beach side, I kinda like the walking though but poor little Jannet, she must be tired or at least her legs must be. The weather was nice, along the way I stopped by the ice cream shop to pick up some sorbet and drinking water- meh! Too old and tired plus recovering from the hangover =X

Jannet & her reindeer 

We decided to stop by at the beer place where we can do some people-watching, pretty interesting eh! Jannet seemed to be having so much talking to my friend, while I was just catching up with Mor about many things.

Looking pretty cozy & Happy there 🙂

Daughter & Mum

Mor and Jannet left around 11 pm, they went over to the dive shop where Fa was having his boys night out talk with his friends. My friend and I actually went on to some other places to check out and try out if there’s any better place to hang out. 

We went back to CandyShop Club again, well I must say the drink is rather pricy but I love the bands there, they really are so awesome 🙂

That’s Nikki & Paul

Nikki & Me

Work it out girl! 

That night Paul also took me to the scenery point or something like that on the some mountain where you can see the whole Pattaya, it was kind of romantic, quiet and very scary haha when the Chaimongkol temple was just right behind you. I actually Like it Paul but I didn’t wanna be there for long I was chicken shit out. 🙂 too quiet too romantic 555

Pattaya Day 2
Right! Got home pretty late in the morning, went back to find Jannet and Mor already made Krathong for the event aww feel bad now because I was supposed to be making the beautiful Krathong with them. I really feel rather awful…

Never mind, I went down to the beach to look for them, to join the family at the beach for some sun and some swimming time. Thank God I made it on time and Yay! Paul was with me too!

Me & Jannet gonna build the sand castle

I figured Paul could do a better job though
She really likes Paul a lot though 🙂

Some mother daughter time xx

Yup I was at the beach from like 11 all the way till 4:30 pm, then we went back, Fa og Mor went ahead to reserved a table for Loy Krathong Dinner so we can watch the fireworks together, and of course Paul is coming as Jannet invited him. 

We got a table reserved at Thai-Danish Restaurant, for 5 at 7 pm.

I like the flower that Paul got me 🙂 Thanks Paul

This is funny, My itchy brain and itchy couldn’t help but gotta roll those tissue paper into a small roll and I asked Jannet to close her eyes so I can put them on her lashes ;P Lame! I know but It’s s amazing! LOL! We did it! Silly Billy!

Done with the silly stuff, and it’s time to order some food 🙂 the most important moment of  my life, Jannet was complaining “I’m starving!!” Well yeah So am I…Let’s order!

 Fa Order this I can’t remember the name of

Paul had Frikadeller og potato salad

Sauteed Pork Ribs with garlic and oyster sauce

 Tom Yum Seafood in Thick soup (Foreigner Style)

Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Curry Powder

Mor and I had Thai Food that night because we wanted to have something light carbo and stuff. It was nice though we had a nice decent meal and a good talk. Next we’re going back to the beach in front of the condo to release the Krathong 🙂

Fa & Mor

Jannet & her Krathong

Me 🙂

After we float/released the Krathong we went back to the house and chill-out by the balcony, watched the fireworks and had a beer, well only Fa, Paul and I, myself, sleepy head – Think I had too much that day and I must have had what I called alcohol intoxication, I ate but I felt weird after eating, that kinda bloated feeling. I felt asleep on the couch multiple times pretending to be reading some sort of Buddhist teaching book (as if I can understand but really I was like totally knocked my head over the book)

I felt so bad, I went down to see Paul off at the parking lot feeling very agitated (must be the alcohol limit in my body and not enough beauty sleep for me) yeah to realised later I was not feeling so great. 
I went back up crashed next to Jannet and I intend to wake up early to send her off to school with Mor.

Pattaya Day 3

I woke up around 7 am as I felt Jannet was moving and my alarm went off, so I told her to go get ready and off to school. Mor came to the room we greeted her with “god morgen” or Good morning, then we went out to have a little chat until Fa woke up and came join us later at the table. Jannet had her cereal for breakfast and around 7:45 we were on the way to her school. 

Her P.E. outfit for Monday Class

On the way back home we stopped by the German Bakery to pick up some freshly baked Bread and eggs, I suddenly wanted to have scrambled eggs for breakfast to go along with the German bread (Can’t remember the name of the bread though :P)

Got home and prepare for the Breakfast Tray whilst Mor was making Scarmbled eggs for me and Fa. We always have breakfast at the Balcony, a good chat over coffee and I love the sun in the morning. I couldn’t believe myself at all that this trip I actually didn’t drink much nor party much as I would normally do. Strange but I’m happy with it though, I spent most of my last 2 days at home, went to swimming pool, stayed in watch TV and went to pick up Lunch for Fa and Jannet from school. I’m kind of happy with the routines though and I don’t want it to end so quick :(.

We had dinner at home that night Mor was making some stir fried pork loin with Belle peppers and cabbage soup with minced pork and pork balls, I’m a huge fan of home cooked food especially Mor’s cooking and my aunt’s cooking ( back in Singapore) Man I’m so lucky to be surrounded by the ladies who could cook well and of course a domesticated housewives kinda women :))

I went to bed early around 8 pm that night, I promised Jannet I will read her story book before bed time 🙂 I love it and we actually fell asleep together the moment we finished the book together it was so cute. Mor came in to turn off the air-conditioner for us, I heard the footsteps but I couldn’t open up my eyes…

I had a sweet dream (Dream of spaghetti meatballs that night)

But later got woken up by my stupid dream woke up and had some Blueberry muffin around 2 am and I grabbed like 2 cans of beer sat out at the balcony, stared blankly into the sky and let my thought just ran wild that night until 5 am I headed back to bed again.

Last Day in Pattaya.

We woke up early again, This time I really am feeling so bad; Jannet woke up and told me that at some point she got woken up by the wind that hits the curtain at the balcony door, she woke up and realised I wasn’t there 😦 she got scared but later went back to sleep. I’m sorry Darling, Won’t do this again…

She got herself ready, off we go to school. This is the first time I get to see her in her full school uniform attire. Its a British school, using the same books as in Singapore and her school uniform really reminded me of my High School Uniform

All the way baby 🙂

See that’s me when I was 16, Chubby cheeks!

Back from school, we had breakfast again at the balcony, great chat and supposed Fa & Mor were gonna go for a swim but seemed like Fa’s work is kinda too much; so I took the opportunity to expressed my wish to visit the mountain Mor often visit. We went there during lunch time after we finished out lunch at Surf Kitchen and we picked up lunch for Fa 

“Surf Kitchen” is really kinda cool, chill-out place IMO and of course the food so Yum! and really “Saab”!

Nam Tok Moo

Let’s dive in!

Som Tum Pu Ma & Som Tum Salted Eggs

Tom Saab Pork Ribs Very spicy but yumm!

While waiting for food…

Done with Lunch, dropped off lunch for Fa, we headed back to the temple and we made a merit before we went to pick up some grocery from the nearby super market, my dream came true when Mor said she’s gonna make Spaghetti meat sauce, well not balls but I’m cool with it though. We then we to pick up Jannet at school (her teachers were HOT! Literally!) then went to see Mor’s Adopted daughter that lives somewhere nearby the area for a bit. 

Mor had to rush making dinner whilst I took Jannet down for a swim and spent some times with her before I’m heading back to Bangkok that night. 

We had dinner at 6 pm; I really appreciate everyone’s warm hospitality and great food of course a lovely time together. Thank you Paul for making my weekend so blissful and filled with laughter x. 

I left Pattaya around 8ish pm on Tuesday night, got back to Victory Monument around 10ish it was like a bit late the traffic wasn’t so bad. 

Got back into the dorm the guard greeted me with ” where have you been why you got the red line across your face?” ha! couldn’t be bothered to answer rushed back up to my room unpacked and crashed! Madly tired.

I didn’t get to film the Loy Krathong Event in Pattaya but I have friend who shared with me Video made from someone on youtube.com very impressive, I like it. It was was taken in Chiang Mai, my favourite palce and the song used in the Video was from 

One Replublic – Secrets

Hope you all will like it.

Loy Krathong 2010 : ลอยกระทง เชียงใหม่ 2553

God Bless you all.


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